The Last of Us Patch 1.03 Coming Tomorrow

It’s hard to believe Naughty Dog could make The Last of Us any better, but with the forthcoming 1.03 patch, they’ll do just that by fixing some issues in multiplayer, while also adding a new mode called Interrogation. - PSLS

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BoriboyShoGUN1906d ago

Just finished it today!!! this game is siiiick!

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1906d ago

for an assignment in school i was asked to write a 3 page movie review, i reviewed this game.

but that's undermining it, this is 10,000 times better because it's a game, wouldn't be half as good just as a straight up movie, but it would still be one of my favorite movies

mafiahajeri1906d ago

Love that you can kill enemies that are in the process of killing your m8s. Always wanted that and besides it looked stupid when you invisibly get killed by the guy your friend just killed.

Deios1906d ago

I hope this patch fixes the random freeze.

Dropdeadll1906d ago

The random freeze happens only to people with unstable internet (packet loss). You may still be able to play other games like COD,UC3 or BF3 without freezing but TLOU has a strict code to help stop laggers. Try a wired connection or buy a new modem if none of that works it's your ISP.

Deios1906d ago

I meant to say random freezes in the single player mode, not the multiplayer. I have no issues when I play multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.