Nintendo 2DS Has Mono Speakers, Same Screen Size as 3DS With a Better Battery and Weighs More

A new comparison chart has been released from Nintendo, which shows the differences between the 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL.

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Snookies121666d ago

So... The only plus side in that title is a better battery life...

Man, I understand this is for younger kids, but it's crazy how many drawbacks this thing has. It doesn't look as nice, it's not as loud with mono speakers, same screen size as 3DS, no 3D, weighs more, can't fold to put in your pocket. I just don't know how well this thing is going to sell...

Abriael1666d ago

it's basically a ploy to get more kids to buy pokemon :D

Kalebninja1666d ago

they dnt need to wrry bout pokemon everyone with a 3ds will get it

Snookies121666d ago

Lol, I'm just curious as to how many units this will sell. I mean sure, I hope it does sell for Nintendo's sake, but I don't see it going too well from my perspective. D:

Abriael1666d ago

@kalebninja: that's exactly the point. Offering a cheaper 3DS for kids so that MORE people with a 3(or2)DS will get it.

ajames3471666d ago

I think very well. I mean 3D was a feature keeping parents from buying the system for their kids and kept people from buying it in general. And the price is way cheaper so that's always a plus with parents.

Also, look at the release date for the 2DS--the same as Pokemon X and Y.

3-4-51666d ago

They are getting us used to the Non-clam shell design.

The next handheld will be like the Wii U gamepad. It basically is their next handheld, so imagine Wii U gamepad + added features and tech about 5-6 years from now.

ajames3471666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

That's interesting, Nintendo going back to their Game Boy Advance design, which I did like a lot.

It'll make it harder to carry in one's pocket, though.

JetsFool35001666d ago

Its probably designed to not break as easy as the 3ds. I read in the review that the 3ds is for 7yo+ maybe this is for little kids

brew1666d ago

Battery life
4gb SD card instead of a 2gb one

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vivid831666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I think some casuals will see it as a new handheld and not a downgrade

ajames3471666d ago

Agreed. Or at least one without the 3D feature that most people can't handle (me included) anyway.

Skate-AK1666d ago

I seriously thought this was fake.

Abriael1666d ago

I thought april fool in august.

ajames3471666d ago

I know. That trailer this morning was just unreal.

Foxgod1666d ago

Its going to be difficult to fold this thing...

ajames3471666d ago

More like impossible lol It doesn't fold back at all.

Foxgod1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I know right, that is what makes it so difficult :D

Knack!!, shi... not what i hoped for...

Kydawg1666d ago

That's a really good idea! Why in the world wouldn't they make it fold?

The_Truth_24_71666d ago

Next, Nintendo will release a Wii u without the game pad.