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TG writes: Sam Fisher and his crew have returned to their airborne ops center Paladin and are ready for deployment. Should this game be grounded for good or is it ready to take on the world?

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ftwrthtx1910d ago

They really need to address the freezing issues with single player.

Benchm4rk1910d ago

What are you playing it on?? I haven't experienced any freezing at all while playing

Benchm4rk1910d ago

Might be something with the PS3 version. I'm playing on 360 and so are about 4 of my mates and so far no problems at all. That's a bit unfortunate for you. Hopefully they release a patch or something mate and it works fine for you.

starchild1910d ago

Ah that sucks, the PC version is fantastic. It did have some strange intermittent stuttering, but I fixed it by forcing triple buffering and capping the frame rate at 60fps through RadeonPro.