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The Point - Is Titanfall a Call of Duty Killer?

Gamespot: Danny explains why he thinks Call of Duty's time is finally up, and how Titanfall could be the next innovator in FPS multiplayer. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Dragonborn312  +   733d ago
I am so excited for this game.
pre orders.

Call of Duty: Ghosts - 229,628
Titanfall - 27,956

EA will bring to ps4 if the game doesn't die early..

Titanfall looks awsome!


in the end xbox gamers want cod..

Call of Duty: Ghosts - 240,090
Killzone: Shadow Fall - 221,710

just sayin lol

And I heard sony gamers don't buy the exclusives. HA
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Dragonborn312  +   733d ago
Something you have to consider is that Titanfall is coming sometime in 2014, there is no specific release date. Once the new year comes and there are only a few months left before Titanfall's release, I am sure preorders will increase a lot.

Edit: Just curious, how did my original comment stating that I am excited for the game get disagrees?
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Biggest  +   733d ago
Because you're one of the 27,000 or so in the country? Maybe after more people pre-order/buy the game it'll be more agreeable.
4me2  +   733d ago

"Titanfall" is also coming out about the same time as "Destiny". It is going to be very hard to overlook Bungie. Also Titanfall should be priced at $40.

The one good thing is both titles are being published by EA. And I believe that EA is smart enough to space out release dates for Titanfall and Destiny
testerg35  +   733d ago
Wohooo... and of course you're using vgchartz. LOL
Johnsonparts23  +   733d ago
Honestly, I agree with you but I'm way more excited for Titanfall than COD (this is coming from a COD only FPS player). I think like others said, it's because it comes out in 2014, probably right around the time we all get bored of COD.
crxss  +   733d ago
if it releases on PS4 soon-ish after it's XBONE release date then i can see it beating COD in sales by at least the time TITANFALL 2 comes around
Funantic1  +   733d ago
What did Killzone preorders look like 9-10 months before launch?...probably like nothing. And Killzone is just on one platform. You got to divide Titanfall preorders amongst the X1, 360, and PC. Titanfall will crush Killzone in sales and reviews. Critics that played both said that Titanfall is better than Killzone. Titanfall is the one winning awards not Killzone. I haven't even preordered Titanfall cause it's way too early...the same thing most people are thinking.
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ma1asiah  +   733d ago
Don't worry Dragonborn312 I am also totally psyched for this game as well. In fact this could be my new go to multiplayer game upon its release if it lives up to the hype.

I haven't preordered it simply due to it not being an X1 launch title. Once a release date is announced then I will be all over it.

Preorder numbers do not tell you the whole story. Granted you would expect with all the great press that the numbers would be higher. Still maybe most people are either just like myself or are buying it digitally.

Though one point that needs to be pointed out is both KZ and COD Ghosts have a single player mode, Titanfall is strictly a multiplayer only game.

So this off course will not appeal to everyone. Especially those gamers who love these games but never touch multiplayer.

Yes you may say who buys these games just for single player, well quite a few by the look of things especially if you have ever read some of the comments from gamers who claim that one of the main reasons for not getting this game or not being interested is due to no single player mode.
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obelix01  +   733d ago
I won't play a game without a single player campaign. I am very very curious about Titanfall & might have to make a exception.
Dragonborn312  +   732d ago
I am usually a more single player focused gamer, but Titanfall has me excited every time I see it in action or read about it. I think it just looks very fun. I have yet to preorder it due to the fact that it still does not have a release date but when it is announced I will most probably do so. Nice post ma1asiah. :)
Evil_Ryu  +   733d ago
one of the main reasons i have gone only XBONE ONE this gen...respect my decision or atleast my right to have a opinion
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Minato-Namikaze  +   733d ago
True but this is EA, It will show up on PS4 at some point and if it doesnt people can play it on PC if they really want to play it.
Simco876  +   733d ago
People will still love CoD, it's just a different brand. That kill cam, those kill streaks, that ease of just firing up the game and playing for an hour at a time. The ability to just jump on with your friends and casually kill some people.

It's just arcade FPS fun, it's garbage that needs updating..but it's just like fast food.

I know it's bad, I know there is something better. But my friends want to eat it, and I don't mind some stuff on the menu.
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M-M  +   733d ago
You actually bring up a very good point. The reason other FPS' don't sell as much as COD is that they have learning curves. People don't want to take their time and learn the game, they just want to jump right in.
Mikelarry  +   733d ago
exactly how i feel about the franchise.i only get it because when it comes out most of my friends are on it and never play any other shooters till they get bored. this time around i want a break from it so looking out for destiny, the division hopefully those can wean me off the franchise for good
Simco876  +   733d ago
Thing is, I wouldn't mind playing another Call of Duty if they actually put some good effort into making it. I know two years is a long time, but come on. Rethink it, with all the things people love and it will sell even more than it already does. I mean look at GTA.

But I get it....why stop when people just buy it up every year making millions? I would do the same thing.
Ducky  +   733d ago
Kinda has to release on all major platforms to kill CoD, no?
Supermax  +   733d ago
I think with titanfall bf4 killzone halo gears planetside 2 warthunder there are many better options for people that want competitive multiplayer.
SIRHC13  +   733d ago
I'm getting it on PC.

Then i'll get Titanfall 2 on PS4, no way EA will allow further exclusivity on Xbox One, especially with PS4 leading like it is.
younglj01  +   733d ago
Lol its funny I type an comment like this an couple of days ago and now its an article....
venom06  +   733d ago
people REALLY need to stop with the "COD KILLER" crap.. because NOTHING will outsell CoD.. too many CoD fanboy reviewer sites (IGN, KOTAKU) to ever let it fail in terms of hype and sales (plus YTers uploading for views and subs)....... now if you mean quality, BF has been killing CoD since MW3, but doesn't have the raving fanboys reviewer site like IGN pumping it up like CoD does... so no NOTHING will ever outsell CoD, but it's been killed long time ago in terms of quality and TITANFALL will probably just be another one to "kill it with quality" yet again..
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WeaseL  +   733d ago
MP only games will never sell as well as SP/MP games or even SP games.
RandomDude655  +   733d ago
This. Some people just don't like multiplayer games.
telekineticmantis  +   733d ago
That would be
Revenge served Really Cold.

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