The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Preview | X360A

X360A - "Our brooding hero, Geralt, rides up to an innocuous homestead, somewhere off the beaten track, only to hear fearful cries ring out from the gloom. As he moves closer he can see bandits attacking the defenceless farmers that occupy the property; in mere moments they notice him and warn him away with a few choice words. Geralt is having none of it and slips from horseback to engage his foes. Time stands still."

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mewhy321935d ago

I'm sure this game will look great. Too bad that the bone won't be launching in Poland this year, where this game was developed. LOL

Lord_Sloth1935d ago

How about PS4? It's launching on that as well.

XboxFun1935d ago

Lucky for me that I live in the U.S. where it will be purchased along with this game. I'm sure those Polish devs will appreciate my money.

kcuthbertson1935d ago

The game doesn't even come out until late next year?

thekhurg1935d ago

It's a PS4 title too...

BallsEye1935d ago

Can buy it anywhere in Poland on release date trust me. Same thing was with 360, yet I got mine on day one. They're just imported from UK and Germany.

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