The Last of Us Getting Free Update, Sharp New Multiplayer Mode

From Kirk Hamilton: "When I reviewed The Last of Us earlier this year, I may not have given its multiplayer portion enough credit.

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xHeavYx1853d ago

The new mode sounds very interesting, but I still want to know about the season pass related DLC

fardan851853d ago

I'm waiting for a survivor mode with clickers in it. Damn, that is gonna be awesome.
The new mode looks cool too.

xHeavYx1853d ago

Clickers and Bloaters behind them

Nitrowolf21853d ago

I want that to, but I really want a mode like survivor or supplies, only in mid match it terms into a hoard mode with tons of tons of them breaking into the map

fardan851853d ago

@xHeavYx @Nitrwolf2

I hope we will get what we want.
Maybe we should start a campaign on twitter for this :D

mewhy321853d ago

There's Sony continuing to support it's consumers.

xHeavYx1853d ago

How about a regular deadmatch mode, but in the middle of the game, clickers come out of no-where and attack people?

fardan851853d ago


Any mode with infected in it will be welcomed :D

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ArchangelMike1853d ago

when does the patch go live? I am excite!!!

the worst1853d ago

i traded it in today. i got $42 back i only paid $40 for the game

JoGam1853d ago

and you're telling us because............?

Drekken1853d ago

Because he is the worst.

wishingW3L1853d ago

where did you trade your game that you got so much? Because Gamestop does not gives more than $30 for any game.

the worst1853d ago

bestbuy $42.
stop getting robbed by gamestop
bestbuy is giving 100% trade in bonus

the worst1853d ago

@Drekken your right im the worst.
im just getting ready next gen

Salooh1853d ago

Why sell the last of us when the multiplayer is amazing ?. I will play it along with GTA V and Beyond until the ps4 comes out and then i will move on .

TriangleOffense1853d ago


The multiplayer is garbage. Not everyone likes the game so if you can get $42 back for what might be the most overrated game this gen why wouldn't you do it.

bsquwhere1853d ago

Really TriangleOffence then why are you here besides to troll. No not everyone will like this, but a troll takes the time to go out of there way to comment negatively about it. A$$hole.

BlaqMagiq241853d ago


If you think the MP is garbage then its obvious you're a noob who can't handle it. In that case Call of Duty is perfect for you.

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BlaqMagiq241853d ago

And not a single f**** was given

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Transporter471853d ago

Looks really cool, want to play it : ), love this game.

-Foxtrot1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I hope they add the bloody death animations for us in the UK, I can't believe they cut them out when the single player is left unchanged.

I really hope in the future they give us a mode where it's more hardcore. Like...

No loadouts except for choosing your pistol
Everyone gets a crappy Burst Rifle
You have to make better weapons on the map
No paying for stuff like ammo or weapon upgrades
You have to find randomly generated amour which is hard to get

Basicaly make it so we are actually scavenging like in the single player

-Foxtrot1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Forgot to add guys


Please sign...

I know what your thinking "...this is pointless" but you never know if you don't try.

SnotyTheRocket1853d ago

"The Last of Us being censored has discriminated and suppressed millions of players around the world to enjoy the game in its entirety." It's virtually the same game. You are whining because you don't get to see some players head explode from being shot?

Arrrriibaa1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Dude, this comes not from Sony or Naughty Dog. This is something offical from the censorship companys, you can't do anything about it. Do you really think ND does this just for fun? The would, but they are just now allowed. Your petition is pointless, yes.

And its a bit silly to blame a MP because you can't shoot peoples heads off.

Get the US version if you want it 100% uncensored. End of story.

-Foxtrot1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Hey I never made the petition so don't had a b**** fit over it guys


"You are whining because you don't get to see some players head explode from being shot?"

No because it shouldn't of been cut in the first place, Germany is the reason it was censored I don't see why others have to suffer.

So please don't be such a dick and call someone a whiner because you don't care


"Get the US version if you want it 100% uncensored. End of story."

Another one who doesn't give a crap and decides to just try and solve the situation with a crap solution.

Guys if you aren't effected by this and you don't care then move along. If it was the other way round you would give a crap.

minimur121852d ago

MUAHAHAHAHA I'm in UK and I imported my TLOU game because of the spec edition. I get to see the blown up legs and bits of body all over the place.

Jealous, right?
I don't even care. my TV is in the main room so I'd prefer it to be censored with my 10 year old sister walking around.
Wanna trade?

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