Romance In Dragon Age

GI:Romance is only a shred of BioWare's sprawling storylines, but to some fans, it's the focus of their journey (whether BioWare intends for it to be or not).

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TheBossMan1732d ago

Hopefully BioWare rebounds with this one.

mewhy321732d ago

Well I can't agree that Bioware sucks. What is DragonAge w/o a little romance.

Lord_Sloth1732d ago

Come now, just because they've had a spotty record is no reason to wish failure on them. I despised DA2 but I really want DA:I to be the best game I'll ever play.

You should always hope for the best.

tristanwerbe1732d ago

@TheBossMan DA2? ME3 ending? Star Wars Old republic? they all suck bro they are dead