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Microsoft Phil Harrison interview – ‘absolutely no plans at all’ for Xbox One without Kinect

GameCentral speaks to the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Xbox business, about the Xbox One’s troubled unveiling and the future of Kinect. (Industry, Phil Harrison, Tech, Xbox One)

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xHeavYx  +   730d ago
Man, he got grilled, finally an interviewer who doesn't let them go around in circles when he asks something.
This guy and Angry Joe should team up and do more interviews
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iamnsuperman  +   730d ago
Quite refreshing. You don't see many interviews like this. Usually interviewers pussy foot around the important topics. This interviewer went all out. He should be commended on that
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Kleptic  +   730d ago
sort of feel bad for the dude...He's been involved with back to back console announcement disasters...this interview was good...but remember, Phil was the guy at the initial Xbox One announcement that Kotaku caught contradicting himself, on the online check in policy, in 3 minutes flat...
darthv72  +   730d ago
Its good that MS is sticking to this plan. Now that the formalities are out of the way, lets get back to what matters most.

shoddy  +   730d ago
Kinect will always be with you watching and listening.

Live with it
Enemy  +   730d ago
"GC: But for better or worse – and in many gamers’ eyes it was worse – there was a sense of leadership and vision there at the beginning. It was a genuinely different console than we’d seen before. How do you convince people that you still have a clear and distinctive vision when all your major policies are being dictated by Sony and by your own fans.

PH: Well, let’s…

GC: Because you wouldn’t have made those changes if Sony hadn’t had the E3 they did. I was there, at their media briefing, and they were chanting Sony’s name – and it wasn’t because they loved Sony, it was because they hated your policies."

Loki86  +   730d ago
@ shoddy, yet you can completely unplug it now, try harder.
Thisisjuju  +   730d ago
Now that was an interview!

Although the answer to every question was all PR bulls**t.
gaffyh  +   730d ago
They keep saying it like people are going to believe it. If the console doesn't sell as well as MS expected, 100% guaranteed that there'll be a Kinect-less SKU. They are just waiting for the hardcore gamers, who will buy the system anyway at launch, to reduce their losses.
Enemy  +   730d ago
@ Loki86: Being able to unplug it doesn't mean you aren't being watched when it's on.
JokesOnYou  +   730d ago
Good shiii....at the end of the day Kinect in every box is going to benefit all X1 owners and thats all I care about.
gaffyh  +   730d ago
@JOY - I agree, but that's IF it stays in the box, and MS has done so many U-turns, I really really doubt that there will not be a Kinect-less SKU at some point. And if that happens, it will split the fanbase, which will mean all those that bought the console with Kinect will basically have been charged for a peripheral that will be useless (in terms of games), because developers will stop supporting it.
JokesOnYou  +   730d ago
Not so many, just reversals on drm policies which was partly due to poor messaging and then the indie policy, which theyve frequently said they will try some of it on the digital side. So a little bit of trying to please everybody. Adding a headset was just an addtional incentive not a policy change but either way none of these are fundamental to the platform as far as HOW games and the X1 itself can be interacted with in new unique ways=kinect. Kinect selling from launch in every box will if nothing else be a useful part of the X1 experience so I see no incentive to remove it especially since if they were desperate to match sony price point kinect would have been the 1st and most obvious change for a cheaper price as it stands now clearly micro understands kinect is the differentiator for X1.
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Kryptix  +   730d ago

After Ubisoft's "It's not perfect, it'll never be perfect because it's one camera to detect 3D movements." statement, rather have developers just work on the core console's power instead of putting some of that time into the Kinect. I'm planning on getting an Xbox One down the line, but since I'm not into motion gaming, I'll wait till they release a Kinectless SKU. Even if it takes them 6 years to do it. I own a PS3 and Xbox 360 this gen and would want to own both the PS4 and Xbox One next gen to play all the AAAs. But PS4 first then Xbox One when the Kinect gets removed or price drops to $300.
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trafalger  +   730d ago
I hate the pr crap. he never answered this directly,

"But I don’t understand where those initial policies came from. I don’t understand how you personally, who have so much experience in the games industry, could have thought they’d be accepted. I don’t understand how your market research could have failed so catastrophically, when five minutes with a tape recorder at any game shop would’ve avoided all that trouble. Do you now view those initial policies to be wrong and that your eyes have been opened? Were you genuinely surprised they caused the reaction they did?"

vague answers or no answer at all. earlier this year there were rumors about some of the stuff m$ wanted to do (and even sony). yet even afetr all the negative feedback on places like neogaf they still insisted on going that route all the way to there e3 press event. sony wisely took themselves out of that by just saying it's up to 3rd party. thats why they got a standing ovation, they heard loud and clear before e3. phil harrison completely dodged this question now. it was a cowardly response.

the only thing he confirmed was kinect will not be an option, it will be in every system and i think that is actually a wise move. i really think once people use it to navigate, sign-in and those sorts of things they will open up to the possibilities to how it can benefit games. so far m$ seems cautious about it being front and center to games. that didn't work out well on the x360 because technically it wasn't able to really do much justice.

that will be the hardest sell, how kinect benefits gamers on the hardcore level. using voice in games like dead rising 3 is a start.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   730d ago
This is great so now people can quit complaining hopefully.

Kinect is good because devs can make games for it with out compromising hardcore gamers with Kinect only games. And MS can focus on that hardcore experience like they are now.
andrewsqual  +   730d ago
Except good system resources will be completely compromised, which alot of real gamers simply do not want.
Blachek  +   730d ago
andrew, all the magic happens in the Kinect... resources housed within the XB1 such as the ram will not be burdened by it's being connected.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   730d ago
@Andrew How do you know? MS has allot of IOS memory stored away for there use. I don't think anything will get compromised here.

Btw My statement isn't for the fanboys here. Everyone knows in the next 12 months MS will drop the price of X1 and Kinect will be way more affordable. That's what fanboys are pouting about.

Also they're mad because with Kinect being separate, MS will go back to there old ways and so they can say "MS has no games, just Kinect kiddy casual stuff!"

Why do they care about a console they despise is beyond me. Its a fanboy thing probably.
kreate  +   730d ago
"Kinect is good because devs can make games for it with out compromising hardcore gamers with Kinect only games"

the problem here is that most devs dont want to make kinect games other than dancing and fitness games.

in order for this to work is if sony and nintendo also bundled their systems with kinect.

otherwise devs are gonna make a game that they can sell across various platforms without doing outrageous features just cuz one system out there has a kinect.

the likely games we're gonna see for kinect is part2 and part3 and part4 of the same ol' kinect games we saw from the xbox360.

if that's not the case, microsoft surely failed to justify any kinect related gaming on the xbox one.

the point here is that phil said 'devs can make games for kinect' but the reality is 'devs dont care about kinect'.

this further proves that if microsoft has more internal studios, they can make hardcore kinect games.

otherwise microsoft is basically throwing money and begging devs to make kinect games that nobody wants to make, nor anybody wants to play other than the xbox fanboys who may or may not mess with kinect games.

*just to let u guys know, i have kinect and i have kinect games, i gave a fair chance to kinect.
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rainslacker  +   730d ago

Your statement is not true. While Kinect can process information and send the results onto the main program, it is still up to the main program to interpret those results.

Say for instance, a person moves their arm within a 3D space. You want to judge how far the arm moved in space. The Kinect doesn't take the distance it travels in real space, it simply gets a float Vector location for the points position within that space. It is then up to the program to decide between a starting point, and an ending point, how far that point has moved. Basically what I'm saying is that the Kinect isn't calculating the distance itself, just the location within a space upon each update.

In most cases, unless Kinect 2.0 changes something, all it's doing is sending Vector data for all the points that it calculates. This is why there is lag, because it takes time to calculate those Vectors on update, and then time for the program to do something useful with the variables.

Things like touching your hand to your head to bring up a HUD or whatever, that is also in software, although likely built into the X1 OS itself. The Kinect cant tell your head from your ass, the software gives those things their meaning.

The reason things like Move or WiiMote Plus are more accurate are because they use a simple physics distance calculation based on a fixed point. There is less processing involved.
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JoGam  +   730d ago
I gotta give it to Phil, he kept calm and straight forward even though he probably wanted to cuss dude the phuck out. lol
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Drekken  +   730d ago
Ugh... and yet every answer was a PR spinster answer. Nothing really direct at all. My favorite part was this following question and Phil gave some BS answer that had nothing to do with the question:

GC: But I don’t understand where those initial policies came from. I don’t understand how you personally, who have so much experience in the games industry, could have thought they’d be accepted. I don’t understand how your market research could have failed so catastrophically, when five minutes with a tape recorder at any game shop would’ve avoided all that trouble. Do you now view those initial policies to be wrong and that your eyes have been opened? Were you genuinely surprised they caused the reaction they did?
Andronix  +   730d ago
Respect to the interviewer for pushing Phil for a proper answer.

Too many 'journalist' from some of the big sites have written articles that sound like fluff pieces written by the PR team of a manufacturer. The bad journos have explained bad policies (since reversed) as being good.

I read one article on IGN where the shitty journo broke the news that FORZA 5 complete game would not be on the disc but would require a day 1 download to make the game work. The way the journo explained it was that it was a really good thing because it meant players would get the most up to date game possible, instead of saying the developer was behind schedule and gamers without internet wouldn't be able to play it, and that the whole game wouldn't work from disc. Obviously he got his words from Microsoft, but what did he get in return?

So I just wanna say well done David Jenkins.
TheHierarchy  +   730d ago
'Microsoft Phil Harrison interview – ‘absolutely no plans at all’ for Xbox One without Kinect"

.....I am sorry but project spark would be super linear without kinect and smart glass. i just don't see any other way creators would make their content without it.

Kinect does have a purpose.
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xHeavYx  +   730d ago
So, the fact that it's used for one game makes it a must have? What about the people who don't want Kinect related experiences?
Concertoine  +   730d ago
No, the favt that it CAN be useful for a game makes it worthwhile. That means there are probably more games that can make use of it.
As for the people who dont want kinect, they can unplug it. Big whoop.
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360ICE  +   730d ago
Nr. Seven
Have a nice time in heaven. Kinect support this thick is enough to sedate a family of sick. What, did you buy an SKU without it? Sorry, that was poison in your kit.
HammadTheBeast  +   730d ago
Sorry, what?
360ICE  +   730d ago
"that was poison in your kit"
jc48573  +   730d ago
I was just wondering though. When I got the 360 bundle, I sold the kinect right away. I guess it's pointless to do that with the xbox one as every console is going to be coming with one. I also don't quite understand how a broken kinect would simply reduce some of the functionality of the console, but to what degree?
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Godmars290  +   730d ago
So what happens if they do put the XB1 w/o it?
Hicken  +   730d ago
It's not that they literally have no plans. Actually, they've probably got a couple of different plans.

They just seriously hope they don't have to use those plans.
AllroundGamer  +   730d ago
those plans will go active once they see the launch sale numbers... flippityflip :)
T2  +   730d ago
It can only be turned on by speaking nicely to it ...hence kinect is required....

"xbox on "
Xbox - "whats that , you cant say please, you think you all that ?"
"please xbox turn on"
Xbox "- I cant heeeaaaar you !"
" Please! Xbox on please!
Xbox - " rub my belly first "
"wtf" *punches xbox*
Xbox - " domestic abuse !!!, dialing 911,"

Its a joke, before I get run over by fanboys
Lukas_Japonicus  +   730d ago
That's ok, ill just wait until it goes down to the price of the PS4, and in the mean time ill play my PS4. :)
T2  +   730d ago
Hmm im not trolling here but im yet to be convinced xbox is worth the same... My value of x1 sits at 299 as of now , wont use kinect as is ... That value could go up tho depending on games, functions of kinect
pyramidshead  +   730d ago
DragonKnight  +   730d ago
They've said that about literally every policy they've had with the Xbox One. I'm starting a betting pool on how long it'll take for them to flip flop on this. Who wants in?
XboxFun  +   730d ago
I'm in Dragon, we can put it right along side hUMA, RAM and a FCC report!
DragonKnight  +   730d ago
Nah, you're out for using false examples. AMD making a statement that something was "inaccurate" isn't the same as saying there is no huMA tech, it's them trying to stay out of a lawsuit. It's a fact that PS4 has better RAM and more for use. And why would anyone believe Big Green's hype man?

If you want in on this bet, you have to stick to the topic at hand, not your wet dreams of Sony going down.
-Foxtrot  +   730d ago

Because I know for a fact next year they will do a Xbox One without Kinect

They arn't going to admit it now however because they want as many people to buy an Xbox One at launch. If they come out and say "Oh yeah a Kinect-less SKU will be out next year" then most people will just wait or will buy a PS4 first then buy the time that SKU comes out for the Xbox One they'll have enough to buy that version instead.
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DragonKnight  +   730d ago
Yeah, they've never admitted to anything yet. They haven't even admitted that their DRM was a bad move. In fact they've said they're still committed to the original vision.

To that end, I'm adding a 3:1 odds bet that the DRM will be coming back in a few years so feel free to take that bet if you want.
rainslacker  +   730d ago
This would seem common sense by now, so not sure why people keep asking MS about it. Also not sure how many times MS has to repeat it before people realize they aren't going to back down on this one.

They've gotten enough flack for the 180's, even though they were good 180's, I doubt they want even more egg on their face at this point.

I think the making it not mandatory was their appeasement to those that didn't want Kinect, and at the same time they believe most people will still plug it in anyways, which is likely true.

I'd imagine when they need to cut the price, the Kinect-less SKU will be the first thing we see, barring some major change in it's design so they can release a slim version.
XboxFun  +   730d ago
You misunderstand me Mr. Knight. I'm in, in the same way some people put bets on RAM, NSA, no FCC report and other false or absolute ridiculous claims on the Xbox One.

I'm on your side Dragon, your holy crusade to nit pick, blow up or trollto any and all things Xbox One related.

No wait, that's not true. I'm actually here to enjoy the announced games, new system features, future announcements and seeing what each company brings to the table for gaming.

You're right I'm out. I'll leave the drama, conspiracy theories and other BS you love to stick your head in with smile to you.

-Foxtrot  +   730d ago
"No wait, that's not true. I'm actually here to enjoy the announced games, new system features, future announcements and seeing what each company brings to the table for gaming."

LOL...sure you are. All you care about is for Microsoft to succeed and anyone else to fail. It's probably killed you deep down that ever since it was revealed that it hasn't been received very well.

You, Greenpowerz, No Limit and Ksar are all the same.
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ZHZ90  +   730d ago
@XboxFun, your username with that post makes me feel that you agree with MS bad decisions and MS gets success while everyone who dare to compete against MS especially Sony get fail and bankruptcy.

@Foxtrot, I read No Limit's posts and he said he'll also own PS4 so I don't think he'll hope Sony fail. Ksar is the biggest Xbot troll trying to give an attention to PS4 fans I have ever seen here, he needs someone to counter him pretty badly and he needs to lose at least a bubble.
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trafalger  +   730d ago
"No wait, that's not true. I'm actually here to enjoy the announced games, new system features, future announcements and seeing what each company brings to the table for gaming.

You're right I'm out. I'll leave the drama, conspiracy theories and other BS you love to stick your head in with smile to you."

well said. what lives these people must have where they wake up all giddy seeing what they can do to bring down the xbone any chance they get. for someone who talks so much about the xbone you will quickly see that he rarely if ever actually talks about the games or what the system does provide that isn't bad.
SmokingMonkey  +   730d ago
I wonder how many Xpox one games are going to be for Kinect 2.0 only,

timotim  +   730d ago
Their will continue to be your Dance Centrals and Fitness games but I think you'll see Kinect COMPLIMENT the controller experience more and more now, especially since Kinect comes in every box.
SmokingMonkey  +   730d ago
What I don't understand about when they tout "better with kinect" they really mean "better with a microphone".

A head set could do all the things that 'compliment' most, if not all these "better with kinect" games

Mass Effect3


Even being detected by Zombies in Dead Rising 3 by sound in your room is something a headset could do.
dcj0524  +   730d ago
@ Smoking socom did the stuff deadrising 3 is doing on the PS2 lol.
JokesOnYou  +   730d ago
SmokingMonkey, I disagree and I won't bother getting into why kinect makes things easy for devs at the system level but even IF you were right the fact is those 360 games you mentioned and X1 launch games are the ONLY ones that ARE using these features NOW...so unfortunately for you "could" is a big big BIG guess word on your part vs what we know for SURE with X1 games.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   730d ago
Because when you do voice features with a mic, the devs have to spend their own time & resources doing all of the coding & work. With Kinect, it's all built into the software already, & they just access it. I used voice commands on R6 on the original Xbox, but you notice how few games continued to do it?
rainslacker  +   730d ago
@JOY and GTT

Are you saying Sony doesn't have it's own voice recognition API's available? Or that there aren't numerous voice recognition API's available elsewhere through 3rd party?

MS and Sony have their own physics engine in it's development suite. So does Unreal Engine. You know what the most used physics engine is? Havok.

I always get a kick out of people who think they understand the development of these games as if something is built into a development suite is the only way to make things easy on the programmers.

I hate to tell you this, but voice recognition, and motion control, is not simple, no matter where the code to make it happens comes from. Many developers produce their own Kinect API's because the ones provided by MS, at least with the Kinect 1.0 not sure about 2.0, are lackluster.

I will also say, for many developers, they would much rather spend the resources used for motion control or voice recognition on things like physics or AI. Voice itself is very processor/memory intensive. This is why AAA games will most likely do it in the most trivial of ways.
Grown Folks Talk  +   729d ago
Who said it was the only way? How many non Kinect games do you see using voice control lately? Not many as far as I see. There's a reason for that.
timotim  +   730d ago
However, what you are not taking into account is devs that can also incorporate gestures in certain sections of the levels/mechanics along with your voice. Example, drawing the spray paint commands using your finger in a game like Jet Set Radio...gesturing Force moves in a future StarWars game...cock pit mechanics in a racer...since every X1 comes with Kinect, devs can now just add little Kinect sections to their game/mechanics to compliment the controller stuff.
stage88  +   730d ago
Well you know what that means.
Absolutely no buy at all.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   730d ago
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Funnymonkey013  +   730d ago
What a shame as the kenect will hurt the X1 in the long run with its price. Anyway glad Sony isn't forcing us with the camera as I don't need it when I have PC my Samsung S4 and ipad 4 for all the stuff that kenect does.
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timotim  +   730d ago
Good! Its one of the pieces that will make X1 sing and separate it from its competition. Im going to love switching to all the content available to me with just the sound of my voice and have X1 instantly switch to that content... that means less time in the dashboard. That's whats next gen about X1/Kinect 2.0...it works together from the start to provide a seemless experience. You say it and the box just does it.
rextraordinaire  +   730d ago
Incredible, it almost reminds me of my actual controller. I press the button and the console just does it. Magic. But yeah, pressing a button, it's so much more of an effort than talking to a robot...
timotim  +   730d ago
Actually no a controller CANT mimic the same thing in a lot of cases. Example...if Im playing Forza 5 and want to just start watching a specific movie, I just say "Xbox play said movie" and X1 will INSTANTLY put that movie on! That can NOT be done with the controller. What you are not understand is that works across the entire system. Fiddling in the dashboard to get to what I want is now a thing of the past and a huge improvement over last gen.
Kleptic  +   730d ago
^really...back to this again?...

so for $100 extra I can get a console that will do what i say 'most' of the time...instead of the two button presses on my TV remote to change inputs and do whatever the hell i want...

this voice recognition is simply a broken 'innovation' in terms of UI...pressing a couple of simple buttons is not something anyone was ever worried about...all the kinect is good for is kids...as in, the parents say 'xbox off' from across the house...and its time for bed...
timotim  +   730d ago

You can keep trying to dumb it down all you want but getting to any of the content you want is one of the most important things in any modern electronic device. To simply be able to say what it is a want and have the system instantly switch is a huge improvement. On PS4, if you want to switch from game to game, youd have to stop one and start another...on X1 you simply say the game you want to switch to...this means ANYONE can instantly navigate the system without knowing exactly where things are or how to get there. That's BIG dude and something Im really looking forward to. The user friendliness and speed of it all is next gen.
#14.1.3 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
JokesOnYou  +   730d ago
Kleptic yes for $100 I get a console that will do what i say in a VARIETY WAYS with the heavy UI integration AND:

Dead Rising 3 uses Kinect so zombies can actually hear you in game then swarm you/it also enables you to point at the screen, a cursor appears and you can direct survivors to attack with voice commands. 

Forza 5 will have head tracking and Autovista mode. 

Killer Instinct uses Kinect to automatically detect who's playing and load their settings - even if you give the controller to another player during a match. 

Ryse you use voice commands to control your surrounding units in battle, fire pilums or arrows, or block incoming attacks. 

Project Spark uses Kinect to draw and create landscape features. 

Crimson Dragon uses Kinect to control your dragon movements and fight. 

COD Ghosts & Battlefield 4= no details announced but obviously voice controls, possible motion features like leaning around a corner. 

This is just a sample of what we know so far, there is more going on behind the scenes about implementing Kinect in some pretty interesting ways, Microsoft have invested heavily and they are committed to introducing these new experiences by helping devs with lessons learned from the original Kinect. 
"Microsoft showed how if you touch your temple in the FPS demo, it'll immediately turn on x-ray vision in the video game. If you raise your controller, your character will raise a shield."   http://gizmodo.com/the-xbox... Then of course there will be full Kinect games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports Rivals. 

Kinect v2 also allows for face mapping because it is a built in "system level feature" and will be available to any game that chooses to use them. 

-Remember this is just launch I can only imagine with more refinements and more and as kinect/X1 install base grows we will see more and more use of kinect with deeper integration= yeah just for $100 more...alot different than paying an $60 for an optional add on that will have a few supported games, then collect dust.
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T2  +   730d ago
Oh man maybe not your intents but your post only makes it seem like you love the sound of your own voice and talking to yourself ... The very reason this feature seems lame to me . Picture the guy at the mall with his iphone on his belt and Bluetooth earpiece in 24/7
rextraordinaire  +   730d ago
Well if I want to listen to a movie, I usually just pause my game and switch to my composite display on my tv. Really, it's not that complicated...
rextraordinaire  +   730d ago
All that thing you're so hyped about, you do are aware that it'll only work for people that can speak proper, faultless english right? Anyone with a speech problem is left out of the picture, anyone that has another language's accent too.

Seriously, it's not BIG, it's a small gimmick.
wynams  +   730d ago
This is practically a $500 off coupon for me. Forced Kinect 2.0? NO SALE MOFU
strigoi814  +   730d ago
Im gonna expect a full 180 on this a week or so..
negative  +   729d ago
get lost troll
tigertron  +   730d ago
It's still strange to see Phil Harrison speak for Microsoft.

Anyway good interview, the interviewer really grilled him.
SilentGuard  +   730d ago
Sony was smart enough to get rid of him, they've been doing better and better since they got rid of him. Unfortunately MS decided to take him on and has made all the same mistakes with the One as Sony did with the PS3. Third console curse. As for Kinect, if it hurts sales due to higher price than its not good for the One. Period.
SeraphimBlade  +   730d ago
"... now, if you excuse me, I need to go back to digging our console's own Atari's E.T.-style landfill. Why did we make these things so big?"
SIRHC13  +   730d ago
This would be only work if Microsoft actually invests in some high grade Kinect titles that would capture the attention of the masses, with better tech, I'm sure we will see some cooler things from Kinect(maybe an appropriate Star Wars game?).

If they're this confident in Kinect and will so willing to charge the extra $100 per console, there has to be a reason.
ElementX  +   730d ago
Well even Sony is releasing a bundle with a camera, KZ, and extra controller. The DS has those lights in the front designed for use with the Eye, I'm surprised it's not included with every PS4
gamingfriend  +   730d ago
Dont like that phil he has a twatish looking face hmmmmmm.
ElementX  +   730d ago
But you loved him when he was with Sony?
gamingfriend  +   730d ago
Because sony gives you the option @ElementX
ElementX  +   730d ago
Yes but if it were included don't you think more developers would take advantage of the "Move" controls? I read that Media Molecule's new PS4 game will be based on Move tech, so MM fans will have to fork over money for the camera anyway
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rainslacker  +   730d ago
And people who aren't MM fans, or just don't care about the game, won't have to fork over that money. That's the point.
rextraordinaire  +   730d ago
Surely I'm not the only one that doesn't speak english as his/her main language?

I'm french canadian. My english accent is absolutely terrible. That makes every vocal controls absolutely useless for me. They're gonna need to work harder than that if they want me to buy their little gadget...
KingTrash   730d ago | Immature | show
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   730d ago
Fact. PS4 is going to win in US and around the world.
Which means Xbox One isn't going to win in the number 1 market. Which also means it will fail.
The jig is up.
MasterCornholio  +   730d ago
Just like there were no plans to flip the DRM switch right?

Motorola RAZR i
SilentGuard  +   730d ago
Where is Phil getting all these magical experiences from? I think he's taken to many magical mushrooms if he thinks $100 is worth the hollow features he touted to justify Kinect. No matter what anyone thinks of Kinect, if the $100 price increase due to it causes drastically less sales than its not good for the One.
Dmagic  +   730d ago
thats really sad to hear i was looking forward to buying a kinectless xbox at 399 to own friends at ki3 oh well looks like its ps4 for life now r.i.p ONE.
kalebninja  +   730d ago
i want the kinect but cant afford it with xbone at once they should really think about that
KingTrash   730d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
VonBraunschweigg  +   730d ago
Name One cool Kinect game.
kalebninja  +   730d ago
crimson dragon looks good ive been waiting years for it,fable was fun,i never got it but i played the star wars demo and it was fun as well but apparently those who did buy it hated it so idk, and project spark is going to allow you to create animations for cutscenes,combat moves for characters,voice over and facial animations for characters for cutscenes and the game is free
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