‘GTA 5’ publisher discusses collector's edition availability

Publisher Rockstar Games has provided a statement in regards to the availability of the collector’s edition of the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game, “GTA 5.”

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fsgdndnhd54123678901937d ago

i cant wait till gta 5 comes out its going to be fucking awesome

guitarded771937d ago

Of course it will... it's GTA.

I just got the standard edition. I saw nothing in the collectors edition that made me want it more. However, I will probably be rebuying anyway if it ends up coming to PS4. I just hope they do the trade up thing.

Zancruz1937d ago

I would definitely rebuy GTA5 for the PS4 too, Hopefully Rockstar will allow our online character and profile to be transferred over...

3-4-51937d ago

The collectors edition needs a WALL POSTER.

A Poster, that is a Map of GTA5, but covers an entire wall.

Like an 8x6 foot poster or something.

Hand drawn.

Outsider-G1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

If you pre-ordered, you should have gotten a poster. Every edition comes with a double sided map. & of course the blueprint that comes with the SE & CE.

ArtificiallyYours1937d ago

I think GTA V is a case of "too good for special editions", seriously with Grand Theft Auto online down the horizon I completely forgot about a collectors edition.

maximus19851937d ago

The collectors gets you a garage and vehicles for online only use not to mention classic skins but whatever makes you feel better

RE_L_MAYER1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I wasnt impressed with collectors either but I just want the money bag-maybe the map but I will never wear a hat
The other good thing I wanted to get it is this garage and extra car and bike, 50 cal desert eagle is a extra gun I would definedly use it as well
And I think the extra garage is for offline as well

ABeastNamedTariq1937d ago

I missed out on the chance to get the Special Edition. :'(

maximus19851937d ago

It's not too late check game stops site

ABeastNamedTariq1937d ago

I checked, still sold out. :((( Hopefully someone cancels.

RE_L_MAYER1937d ago

Check ebay im sure you can get one for around 400)))
Cough...last of us cough)))

Zancruz1937d ago

Meh, Collectors Edition just wasn't worth the extra money to me... I went with the Special Edition. But at this point I be happy just to get a copy of the game, I can't wait any longer.

maximus19851937d ago

Online collectors owners have a head start with a garage and vehicles. It's a great head start for who ever is on your crew. Ill be that closer to doing heists with people....who I will eventually betray :)

Zancruz1937d ago

Smh, Ahead start is still not worth $50... IF Rockstar would've thrown in all future DLC packs too, Then it would've been worth it. GTA5 is just not as cool as all the stuff that came with GTA4 Special Edition, But whatever floats someones boat is cool with me. But the online crew stuff does sound awesome, As long as this game entertains me till 11/15 I'll be happy... :)

maximus19851937d ago

19 days left until I open my collectors edition :))!! This has been the longest wait

AJ Hartley1936d ago

Same here pal it's gonna be the cap on , game in , install..... Roll spiff then masturbation then play the greatest game ever!

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