5 Great Things About PS4's Knack

With every Playstation console, there has been the flagship mascot title – Crash Bandicoot on the original Playstation, Jak & Daxter on the PS2, and Sackboy on the PS3.

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mewhy321938d ago

this is going to be a really fun and beautiful game. Exclusive to the PS4. REALLY exclusive. Not like Titan Fall and other bone software that appears on PC too. Which means not really exclusive. PS4 has REAL exclusives.

black0o1938d ago

knack is great for everyone in the family .. and it brings back old school games it's all about fun

CRAIG6671938d ago

Do you mean it looks dull and last gen?
Looks rubbish to me... each to their own though, give me driveclub or KZSF anyday

ddkshah1938d ago

Last gen? FFS it's a platformer how much "next gen" can a platformer get? Knack looks to be awesome and I for one can't wait to play it.

Pintheshadows1938d ago

That is just pure nonsense. The lighting alone isn't possible on current gen hardware Craig667. It has wonderful texture work and advanced physics to boot.

Convas1938d ago

What the heck does TitanFall or the Xbox One have to do with Knack?

timmyp531938d ago

I'll hold my judgment still to it hits. New gameplay vids I watch look. Interestin though.

SonyPS41938d ago

-It's a platforming game!
-It's a platforming game!
-It's a platforming game!
-It's a platforming game!
-It's a platforming game!

I think I listed 5.

CRAIG6671938d ago

Not interested, just not my type of game not to mention it looks so last gen...

LordNikon1938d ago

Games like this can't have next-gen (Killzone like) graphics. Otherwise it loses what makes it look like a platformer.

Anyway, can't wait to play this game.

CRAIG6671938d ago

I guess you are right, just not my idea of what contributes to great nextgen launch line-up...

1938d ago
Cryptcuzz1938d ago

I don't know man, I think your expectations or choice of words are a little unfair for this game.

Also, if you are not interested in platforming games (which this game is) then why are you in a thread about one?? You have made a lot of comments on just this one article for someone that supposedly isn't into these types of games. I can think of one reason, but I will refrain from saying.

Graphics is one thing and art direction is another.

I for one thinks this game looks next gen. It looks awesome for what it is trying to achieve. It is so clean looking with high res textures more in line with a Dreamworks or Pixar movie type of feel to it.

I think a lot of people downplaying how this game looks is either expecting all next gen games to have ultra realistic textures when the point is this game is trying to achieve the opposite.

1938d ago
sincitysir11938d ago

i only have enough money for one more preorder! watch dogs or knack? i love ratchet and clank as wells jak and daxter. hate sly because of the annoying hippo. but i do like open world games. im just not sure if 60 is too much for knack and idk if im into watch dogs...any advice?

LordNikon1938d ago

If you're (probably) not into Watchdogs.. but are into Knack, then i would say get Knack. But if you're not sure if you want to spend $60 on it, then i'd say keep your money until it gets cheaper. Or spend it on something else. ;)

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