From the ashes of Vista, what might rise?

Amid an overwhelmingly negative presentation from analyst group Gartner that claims "Windows is collapsing," many are beginning to wonder what is in store for Windows 7, and how radical a departure from its current code base W7 might be.

Vista is clearly the straw that has broken the camel's back. Years and years of bloated code and a failed attempt to support 20 years of outdated software and ancient peripherals have left the operating system a total mess. Vista is so big and complicated that attempting to build additional code onto it is futile.

Is it back to the drawing board for Microsoft? Signs seem to indicate that, yes, Windows is headed in a whole new direction now.

The most popular notion is that Windows will go "modular," offering an operating system that you'll buy in pieces, and possibly pay for on a month-to-month or year-to-year basis.

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permutated3899d ago

Thankfully. Vista was an ugly rip off of OSX with all the worst things of XP.

I'll keep using OSX with XP through bootcamp until Microsoft gets their sh!t together.

MicroDeath SoftStar3899d ago

More resource hungry OS's from our friend MS , the reason MS make every new OS very power hungry is so new pcs sell and what do you get with a new PC???? A new os by MS suckers. Personally i really dont think MS can make a good OS anymore , you see the problem is they just cant build one from scratch due to the fact of backward compatibility and if the did build one from scratch and remove everything that is holding them back they would loss a very large piece of the OEM OS cake. so dont go expecting anything good to come from MS in the future , there ship has sailed and its downhill from here on for them.

xhi43899d ago

find it funny that they are posting an article like this on, when Microsoft is trying to buy them.


No FanS Land3899d ago

You're so right! I really like one thing about vista, it's the name I've given it, called obsolista! honestly, this sh!tty OS keeps lagging whatever I do, and did anybody realise that ready is totally useless? I put 2 gb of my usb key and it still lags!

CrazedFiend3899d ago

Tired of seeing Vista headlines here. Tired of seeing Firefox headlines here.

I thought the "G" in N4G had something to do with games.

As entertaining as it may be, I can find this kind of news elsewhere (-o-;)

MicroDeath SoftStar3899d ago

you really dont have to click on these headlines if you dont want to read them. Sound like a revelation to some but it should be common sense

Lord Anubis3899d ago

you can play games in firefox (flash) and on Vista. Also there's a tech section unrelated to gaming in case you didn't know.

CrazedFiend3898d ago

I usually DON'T read the articles. That's why I said tired of reading the HEADLINES.

It's a revelation to no one. Please talk to me more about common sense. Please.

CrazedFiend3898d ago

Ok, your right, I forgot about the tech section.

Thanks for giving a decent response that makes sense. (unlike MicroDeath)

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zonetrooper53899d ago

Why did you buy a Mac which in the first place are way overpriced and have security issues and then dual boot into Windows?

You could get a PC or build your own PC for cheaper which has better specs and then dual boot XP, Vista or one distro of Linux.

MicroDeath SoftStar3899d ago

macs are not over priced as a lot might think , there priced very well for there build quality and a lot of people need to realize that raw performance isn't the only thing that adds to a computers value eg my imac is reliable , extremely quite and everything is built into one compact 24" screen , to many that might not cut it but to me those are the most important features a computer can have. BTW macs in general dont really need a lot of performance to run nice unlike other computers. PS , security issues arent a problem on mac , you need to stop reading the fud articles on this site and have a good look at windows , thats where the real security issues are with all the trojans, worms and viruses around.

Percy3898d ago

ha you said mac and value in the same post that made me laugh.

zonetrooper53898d ago

Of course Windows will have security issues considering the fact that it owns about 96% or something of the market which makes it more likey to be hacked. Also, the Mac does have security issues, you can get rootkits and viruses etc even though Apple says you can't lol.

Windows has been made to run on a variety of different machines which have different software and hardware unlike the OSX where Apple controls alot of the hardware. I like my Ipod 80GB Classic but I hate Itunes as its bloated and not the best music player on the market.