Major Nelson's Blog August 27th 2013

As you head to the Washington State Convention this week for PAX Prime 2013, be sure and stop by the Xbox Booths at #412, #422 and #432 for an great lineup of the latest and greatest games only Xbox One can offer. Below is an overview of Xbox activities you’ll find exclusively at the Xbox booth this Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 2.

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GraveLord1602d ago

Why do we want to read this PR guys blog? A blog is where you express your opinions. Major Nelson isn't allowed to do that.

cl19831602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

All industry persons/dev/publishers blog are considered news worthy weather its about them or their products.

gaelic_laoch1602d ago

Well Said.......have a bubble!

XboxFun1602d ago

Well said Gravelord, why would WE people who have no interest in the Xbox One want to even bother to see what Major Nelson has to say right?

ironwolf1602d ago

Why would YOU people who have no interest in the Xbox One even bother to troll the Xbox One articles.

Answer: Immature trouble makers.

ShwankyShpanky1602d ago

Just gotta love his "rock n' roll rebel" avatar. Yeah Larry, you're "edgy."

ZHZ901602d ago

This is Xbox One article so expect you'll see people excited about Xbox One and expect those Xbox fans(I am not one of them) will give you disagrees and put it onto your that Xbox fans love Nelson.

Depite I am not Xbox fan, I am intersted to see the rest of MS's games.

slampunk1602d ago


Why do you read, comment or even click through to a blog that you feel that way about?

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Fireseed1602d ago

Really hoping to see a new character revealed for Killer Instinct at PAX!

theWB271602d ago

I guess people missed the part where they'll have BF4 running on the X1 console...

Dragonborn3121602d ago

I am excited to see what the surprise games he hinted at are.