Bungie compares Destiny player-count to Borderlands: In Destiny ‘there are other people out there’

In Bungie’s upcoming shooter Destiny, players will encounter several groups of other players in the world, blending the single-player into the multiplayer.

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Lord_Sloth1641d ago

So excited! Currently playing Borderlands 2 with my cousin and brother. Can't wait to get my mitts on Destiny!!!

SIRHC131641d ago

I'm betting 16 players, four unique squads scattered across the game world.

Pintheshadows1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Hahaha. This is an MMO chap. There will be a LOT more than 16 players. Try thousands on a server. Likely split into three servers. Europe, Asia, America.

Or not which saddens me and drops my interest level significantly. It seems that it will just randomly match you up with similar levelled squads. I have to say that is a bit disappointing.

SIRHC131640d ago

Bungie has repeatedly stated this is NOT an MMO.

Pintheshadows1640d ago

They have avoided using the term MMO but you can't deny the massive similarities Destiny has to an MMO. Instances for example are ripped straight from the genre.

Holeran1640d ago

Any PvP? That is what I would truly like to see.

Pieman5231640d ago

Borderlands + Halo = Awesome

3-4-51640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I just purchased Halo 4 the other day, couldn't stand it, returned it, picked up Borderlands 2 instead, couldn't stand it, returned it, just wasn't fun.

I have really liked every other Halo game though, and I loved Borderlands 1.

That being said, Destiny looks awesome, I hope it's better than JUST halo + Borderlands. I think they will take the best of both and make it even better.

Pintheshadows1640d ago

It is more likely to be Borderlands + Halo x 1000.

I haven't played a game that has actually pulled this off so I have all my fingers crossed. Defiance is the same idea but it was just shoddy in a lot of areas.

patsrule3161640d ago

As long as the PVP is restricted to certain areas, I am fine with PvP. I don't want there to be gangs of high skilled players just waiting around to attack new players during their journey. I want co-op whenever I want, but the ability to restrict PvP if I don't feel like competing against other players.

Pintheshadows1640d ago

It'll be instanced I think.

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