Top Nintendo Video Games Get Launch Dates Through the End of 2013

Nintendo outlined a campaign that will offer consumers unprecedented levels of value and variety this holiday season. That proposition includes:

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Kevlar0091933d ago

The WiiU WindWaker box is glorious. The new price with the special gamepad and game makes the WiiU very attractive, just in time for Christmas and beyond

Sincere01211933d ago

About time nintendo, showing some aggression.
please school these dumb ps fanboys on why your the best console and games developer of all time and always will be.

Can't wait for new ip but Mario kart 8 online will cost me loads of sleepless nights.

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Thepcz1933d ago

thing is, i bought the original windwaker when it came bundled with a silver gamecube. this was when it first came out.

i have to get the wiiu with windwaker hd :D

Kydawg1933d ago

Make the Wii U and the Gamepad out of gold and i'll consider it.