The Order 1886: PS4 Owners Will Have Something Really Beautiful To Look Forward To

GB - "The PS4 is going to have some pretty impressive technology behind it. It’s going to be even more amazing when we start seeing developers really put the new hardware to the test in an effort to bring us some of the most breathtaking and beautifully constructed games we’ve played. One such developer is attempting to do just that."

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xHeavYx1933d ago

Amazing quality, just like every single PS4 exclusive

GarrusVakarian1933d ago

Don't forget that the PS3 isn't done yet, Beyond 2 Souls is coming out soon. Quality exclusives right until the very end.

pyramidshead1933d ago

Must..stop..self hyping this lol. Do want gameplay though please.

Thomaticus1933d ago

Its not about hyping but rather, letting the developers know that we "Expect Greatness" for this game. It needs to be great all around (story, graphics, multiplayer, etc.)

GarrusVakarian1933d ago

Colour me intrigued. About time we had a decent Victorian setting in a game.

timmyp531933d ago

Games premise seems really cinematic which I like. Just have the feeling this is one of those games that was announced too early.

patb1932d ago

I have a really good feeling about this game. Something tells me it's gonna be a mix of Resident Evil 4, Darkwatch and The Witcher. Can't wait to see how this game turns out!

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