Titanfall producer: Getting head-shotted across the map in Battlefield or Call of Duty is “terrible”

Titanfall producer: Getting head-shotted across the map in Battlefield or Call of Duty is “terrible”

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stuff1726d ago

Quick kills is part of what makes CoD fun for me. It goes both ways. If they're going to make me empty a clip just to kill an enemy, I hope that they don't have auto-heal.

JC_Denton1726d ago

"...if you play Battlefield or Call of Duty and you get head-shotted from across the map, you have no idea what happened. You’re instantly dead and it’s terrible."

It's called being aware of your surroundings. What this developer is trying to say is that in Titanfall, they're trying to dumb down the fps genre even more than CoD already has.

KwietStorm1726d ago

Seriously, if you catch a headshot from across the map, then you know exactly what happened, one, because it doesn't happen often, and two, because you know damn well it wasn't a handgun or a knife that did it.

solar1726d ago

This. If it is going to be dumbed down I'll probably pass on it. Conquering a learning curve is part of the satisfaction of playing an FPS for me.

zippycup1726d ago

if you stay still long enough to get sniped then you deserve it

granted COD has that dam split second lock on but on BF3 you realy need to do the math to snipe some one

and there's nothing like snipping some one in BF3 from the other side of the map

Shadonic1726d ago

well they were the original creators and seeing how that worked the first time >.>. Really most of the hype for this game is coming from the free running mech drop stuff which just makes this game reminde me of a mix between COD, the parkour shooter game, and Hawken/ any game where there's mechs.

Reverent1726d ago

Considering the player count for both Battlefield and Call of Duty is still incredibly high, I don't think "getting head-shotted from across the map" really bothers all that many people...

windblowsagain1726d ago

Whether or not your aware of your surroundings, that's the point of being a sniper. That is the only reason why you would use a sniper rifle.

Quick scoping is just stupid, and using a sniper rifle on COD is just not needed. Maps are small.

Titanfall and COD are about silly addons and scoresteaks etc etc.

In BF3 for me it's just about getting the shots off.

torchic1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )


"Conquering a learning curve is part of the satisfaction of playing an FPS"

I always loved that feeling but never quite knew how to put it into words.

totally agree with you +1 :)

Clarence1726d ago

This is why I don't like the COD series.

turgore1726d ago

Bet you if the game came to PS3/4 it would suddenly be the best game ever. This website disgusts me.

Kryptix1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I read the article and I would agree for Call of Duty but in Battlefield, it's a completely different story. In Call of Duty, someone can quickly zoom in and snipe you without needing much time to line up the shot but in Battlefield you actually have to calculate the distance and sometimes be lucky to get a headshot across the map. Battlefield takes more skill so it happens much less often. If they make sniping have a learning curve like Battlefield's, then they don't have to worry about being sniped down all the time.


"Bet you if the game came to PS3/4 it would suddenly be the best game ever. This website disgusts me."

You're an idiot. Nobody mentioned the PS3 or PS4 and you end up disrupting valid arguments with your ignorance. Gtfoutta here, you disappoint me, son. Titanfall is a great game from the looks of it, but dumbing down a game more than CoD is an issue and I hope it doesn't happen.

trafalger1725d ago

nobody runs with a sniper rifle and does headshots. that's what makes games like call of duty unrealistic. you also have to remember these are videogames and they are supposed to be about having fun. what isn't fun (to me) is having campers who are across the map snipe you while your spawning. titanfall is pure adrenaline and i really hope it does not cater to campers.

i'm sure i will get responses suggesting to learn the map, teamwork and yada yada yada to counter campers. titanfall imo is about action and not staying in one spot.

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H0RSE1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )


"This. If it is going to be dumbed down I'll probably pass on it. Conquering a learning curve is part of the satisfaction of playing an FPS for me."

You seem to not have an understanding of how gun mechanics and gameplay incorporates into skill ceilings.

When a game features a low amount of shots required to kill, it shifts the focus in the game to positioning, not aiming and/or movement, since the need to be consistently accurate and/or mobile drops drastically. This is why camping works so well in COD, and to a degree, even in BF. If a player only need around 3 shots to kill out of a 30 shot clip, hell a monkey could do that.

You are focusing on one aspect - sniping - which is hardly he focal point of gameplay, and using that as evidence for "dumbing down" a game. Even if they were to remove sniping completely, it still wouldn't dumb down the game, it would just remove a feature and shift the gunplay accordingly. Contrary to what you think, requiring more shots to kill doesn't "dumb down" the game. It may make it less realistic, but in gameplay terms, it actually increases the skill

With a low amount of shots needed to kill, it essentially turns the game into, "whoever shoots first wins." How many times have you actually seen a good firefight between players in a game like BF? Like a "real" firefight, with strafing and avoiding fire and maneuverability? it rarely if ever happens, and instead, it' usually one of three cases - player gets killed running to a location. Player gets killed shooting at another target, or players are shooting at each other, both from sort of cover or safe distance.

By raising the amount of shots needed to kill, you essentially force the player to have to "earn" his kill, by being consistently accurate with his shots and removing (or substantially crippling) the advantages of camping. It makes the game more about "hunting" down targets, rather tan being able to kill from a safe distance/location.

As for shots across the map - it is terrible being killed from a cross the map, because it is a one-sided battle. You have no chance taking that guy out unless 1) you are counter-sniping or 2) you effectively hunt him down. I hear the defense of "being aware of your surroundings," and this is really a weak defense. Being aware of my surroundings? Really?! so that sniper hiding in the bushes 3 football fields away - you knew he was there the whole time, right...

it also doesn't matter the amount of skill needed to pull them off. Quickscoping can require skill, that doesn't mean that it cant still be seen as a cheesy/exploitative mechanic. And If Respawn is going for a "true" squad vs squad atmosphere, where all players are contributing and working as a group, then removing long distance sniping (or OSK sniping altogether) could effectively achieve this. They already mentioned they want to base the game around survivability, and removing (overpowered) sniper kills can also achieve this.

I am currently involved in the alpha test for Splash Damage's upcoming FPS title, and throughout the process, the feedback from the competitive community has been consistently the same - either increase TTK, decrease ROF, or both, because they know that more shots to kill, better reflects a player skill in battle.

RadioActiveTwinky1726d ago

In Battlefields defense, You have to be pretty damn good to compensate for bullet drop... to get headshot across map.

CocoWolfie1726d ago

and if youre the one doing it, its really satisfying!

Kingnichendrix1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Yeah you actually require some skill in battlefield, cod i assume its the lag compensation ive seen people aim for my groin and get head shots or bullets bengind round the corner and getting me in the head

cyclindk1726d ago

Hell, they have the killcam to show just exactly HOW crappy a shot someone is in slow motion... obvious bullets nowhere near your body and then you see little impacts on your head shoulders abdomen... aim assist, their "hitbox" and lag compensation... ALL need major adjustments for me to play it again, otherwise I'm BF lifer now. Millions love it, but they lost me.

Kingnichendrix1726d ago

Oh god yes there was nothing worse than being on your way to the swarm and someone fires a homing bullet at you and that feeling when you review the kill cam god damn

Reverent1726d ago

I remember playing Black Ops a while back, and I managed to get a double head-shot through smoke (meaning I took a random, blinded shot lol) with a sniper rifle. I was so proud that I had to save it for theater mode to show off for my friends.

When we looked at the replay, outside of the smoke, the bullet trail leading out of my gun had COMPLETELY missed both of the players it killed. It shot right passed the first guy, missing his torso, then went straight into the ground IN FRONT of the second guy. There was even dirt shooting from the ground where the bullet hit.

Yet somehow, on the kill feed, it showed two head-shots...

Ducky1726d ago

... but you're probably not contributing to the team if your shots are travelling the length of the map.

RadioActiveTwinky1726d ago

Depends on the game mode really. On Rush of course not. Unless you plant a spawn beacon close to the area and then rush back.

On conquest it actually helps. You can pick off people on Alpha from Charlie or Delta. If you are really good.

cyclindk1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Don't take my disagree as a negative!

But people, me included, do play our "own" way a lot of the time, not concerned necessarily with team work. Though having more players than ever should remedy some of that.

Also, NOT being killed and marking targets is useful.

And even when I "help" the team specifically, I create my own objectives, like save this guy or hold down these guys to give my a squad a chance to survive or revive someone else, or distract this tank, this and that. I couldn't really care less about objectives until they give objectives some real value beyond being spawn points and preventing bleeding of tickets.

Which, I can't be certain of, I believe will come into play in BF4 and might have something to do with the Commander's abilities to help ground forces in some additional ways.

I always wish objectives could be fortified, and "built up" to make it more difficult for people to retake them. Larger numbers would make this possible, but doubt it will change much...

Like if you take an objective an ally-only ammo box will appear there and replenish every 60 seconds or something, or two minutes. Enemies should have to destroy certain things to "fully" retake the position and engineers fortify it. IDK just ideas :)

HammadTheBeast1726d ago

I'm spotting for days, that's how you get your SPM up. Currently at 406, which is pretty good considering I play on PS3 without spamming TDM.


Not necessarily... Maybe if you mean literally across map, but I play Recon mostly and I support my team while long range sniping (sometimes as far as some 500m). Sure, I'm not capturing objectives myself being so far away, but I'm usually providing information I see from my vantage point, protecting objectives (specially in Rush and CTF), coordinating ambushes and/or spotting vehicles with laser designator.

Of course it won't work in every situation... In fact, although I play mostly with Recon class, most of the time it's as marksman rather a proper sniper, or just go with SMG/Shotgun for small maps. And obviously I'm aware you meant those plenty of people who just love going to some far away and high place to get "easy" kills from where the enemy can't easily reach 'em while the rest of the team is getting its ass kicked.

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getting head shot across the map with a weapon designed for shooting at someone's head over a long distance it not really "terrible"

Getting head shot across the map with an smg that should not have sniper rifle level accuracy ... that is annoying !

Regis1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

On one of the BF3 DLC maps my friend got a head shot on someone at the top of the map I believe it was the Alborz Mountains map with the human tower and he shot him with a 870mcs Shotgun with slugs from 750 meters out we laugh like little school girls when we saw the kill feed.

T21726d ago

@regis- yes slugs are a bit broken on bf3 ... You can snipe with them

Septic1726d ago

That's a good point.

Also, regarding this point about spawn points, didn't the first MP video of titanfall show the guy getting loads of kills as soon as the drop pod landed? That didn't strike me as fair.

BattleTorn1726d ago

Totally agree. Where as in COD, there are people getting headshot 1sec after spawning simply by jumping, or spinning around, or some stupid stuff.

I agree with the Developer that getting killed by a headshot moments after the game starts, in Call of Duty, is terrible.

Clarence1726d ago

It's the best feeling in the world to get a long headshot in BF, because you watch the bullet drop.

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joab7771726d ago

Its a great feeling though...and if someone gets me...hats off! Don't get me wrong, titanfall looks badass but isn't there an auto pistol that locks on to up 3 enimies with headshots. Imagine how annoying that will b.


Funny. Who this producer thinks had made COD like that?

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