A Look at Dark Souls 2


The new Dark Souls 2 looks to of kept the same style that made the original such a cool game, but worked on a few things that have improved the game and seems to of made it a Hell of a lot more difficult – even more appealing.

Now I am not going to talk about the story (maybe minimal maybe not) or various missions, but I am going to talk about a few of the improvements

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joab7771730d ago

I am liking it as long as it always remains fair. Ppl hated losing souls or enemies respawning. It is simply old school gaming in which if u died, u strted at a checkpoint and tried again. Imagine if in mega man when u died, all the enemies u killed were gone the 2nd time through...pretty lame. It made u become aware of who ur enemies r and what they could do. Ask any dark souls vet and they can tell u the ins and outs of every area and every enemy. Very little of the developers hard work went unnoticed. In games today mkst enemies and environments are fodder for a story or something. Dark Souls works without 100 cutscenes because the game is alive. It is the game itself that players are drawn into. It is an amzing feat these days. Heres to hoping that dark souls 2 continues the legacy. I cannot wait.