CONFIRMED: Gear of War 2 Scans Ingame

Interview by radio station (KFAN) with the editor of the Game Informer Magazine.

Discusses Gears of War 2 and other big name games

To download the part on just Gears of War 2:

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Meus Renaissance3416d ago

I'm looking at the scans and I don't think anyone doubted they were in-game. They look great but nothing that would cause an uproar of disagreements like e.g. that KillZone 2 trailer did. Those visuals in the scans are more than doable on the platform.

GiantEnemyCrab3416d ago

came because the E05 trailer was said to be in-game when it wasn't. Nothing more and nothing less. Gears 2 is going to impress, like the first one set the bar in graphics, I am sure the second one will as well.

JsonHenry3416d ago

Looks like an Unreal Engine game to me. Who thought it was not ingame?

TheSadTruth3416d ago

The scans that I saw were scanned extremely poorly so I don't know how you can make such a harsh judgment(Or have better quality scans been released?). Regardless, based on the graphics of the original I would say it will be one of the best looking games across all platforms and it deserves more respect.

sonarus3416d ago

LOL how is this news. Who doubted the shots were in game? To be quite blunt i really don't see what the hub bub is about. Those scans are realistically what everyone expected gears of war 2 to look like. Looks like Gears 1 and maybe marginally better. Marginal in the sense you need side by side comparisons to tell

meepmoopmeep3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

i never believed it would be super-duper-way-ass-kicking better than Gears 1 graphically. And it won't be. It will be a little bit better but Gears 1 was impressive as it is. What Epic should concentrate on is the gameplay and frame-rate above all else. Having that many enemies at the same time is hard to handle and i'd like to see them do it without frame-rate problems.

hazeblaze3416d ago

Based on those scans, Gears 2 will not be setting the graphical bar again... sorry to dash any feelings. But both KZ2 & Resistance 2 have already shown far more graphical detail from their games. The recently released R2 trailer is simply amazing. Resistance 2 will likely be the best looking game across all consoles this year.

wow4u3416d ago

"I'm looking at the scans and I don't think anyone doubted they were in-game. They look great but nothing that would cause an uproar of disagreements like e.g. that KillZone 2 trailer did..."

The scans are horrible quality. Printed and reproduced, they look like shiat.

Now, the fake-pre-rendered bull-video that Sony tried to pull over on people, yeah, that caused disagreement that caused Sony to have to admit they were pulling bull-video.

But, nice try at subtle FUD Meus.

Thoas3415d ago

The unreal engine is not all that and a bag of chips, Gears of war is the best looking game on Xbox 360 but not the PC or PS3. UTIII didn't look that good to me on PS3 or PC. So why do think Gears of war 2 with a slightly better unreal engine upgrade over UTIII is going to amaze?

Richdad3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

But they looked far better than the old one when I matched the HD version Gears2 has an improvement over Gears1 what COD4 had over COD2. One more aspect is the levels are and draw distance is far huge and one stage was said to have A Brumak following you in Jungle with tress falling apart. But yeah more has to be revlealed but still the screens look way better than Gears was or UT3.
KZ2 looks so good because of postprocessing and UE3 is now equipped with it now.

DJ3415d ago

Of how its dual rendering engines handle lighting (hundreds of dynamic lights, as well as indirect bounces from those sources) and because of the accuracy of its physics and animation blending.

Meus Renaissance3415d ago

I was talking about the E307 trailer for KillZone 2, not the one a few years back. I remember last year, some of you were still spouting that it was CGI. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if many still believed it was CGI.


Are kidding right? It almost looks like the same to me...

And the falling trees, it just amazes me on Crysis where it's really well done. One level where you can cut then down was on Uncharted and as much as the game amazes me, the tree thing was almost passed by unnoticed.

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Breakfast3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

? Which scans?

Edit: nevermind...its the ONE big story i didnt post I wont let it happen again.

Lord Anubis3416d ago

heh do you have a link to the scans? heh

toughNAME3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I didn't know it was possible to see lag from screenshots

Breakfast3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I was gonna say something dumb/funny, but after hearing the podcast...i just get a little more hyped for this game.

2008 - Year of the Good Graphics.

sonarus3416d ago

I don't feel like listening give me a run down

Breakfast3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Just download it from the link...its 5mb download...its about 5 minutes long...listen please...for me :). The dude sounds pretty hyped.

Edit: The way the guy explained it, made it sound like it was better than what the scans looked like. Scans didnt blow me away either.

sonarus3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

alright just for you cus you are extra yummy in my tummy :| lol
Yea listened to it. Sounds like a great game lol. I need to get a copy of game informer to see the scans for myself the ones i saw online didn't really blow me away were pretty much what i expected it to look like

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Truckasaurus3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

No one is falling for the Epic lies about their Unreal Engine 3 'ingame' screenshots this time.

What Epic claimed UE3 based Gears of War looked like:

How bad the game looked actually running:

Fishy Fingers3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I wouldn't say it looked "bad". o_O

JVIDICAN3416d ago

"less good" would be a better word

OpiZA3416d ago

Welcome to the gaming industry...

hazeblaze3416d ago

Even with UT3, the pre-release screens were vastly better looking than the actual game. Gears 2 will look good. And MAYBE it will be the best looking game on the 360 when it comes out. But it definitely won't be the best looking game on all consoles.

Zolin3416d ago

the graphics look superb but i do hope that resistance and killzone look as good or better then Gears of War 2.

Thoas3415d ago

It does look totally different. Epic is a Epic fail.

GameDev3415d ago

is Sony's secret weapon this gen, they are pushing wayyyyyy more pixels out than the 360 is. For example if developed on the PS3 Gears would've looked like the first shot, while the 360 is only capable of what you see in the second. ATI was actually a very bad choice for MS this time around. They have been owned by NVIDIA for the better part of the last decade and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon.

DJ3415d ago

And I was amazed at the perfect 10s it got in the graphics department. I've seen Epic do the same thing with Unreal Tournament 3. Looks decent enough in-game, but nothing close to what they published in Magazine screenshots.

I'm really just waiting for in-game video footage, because that'll be the true determinant of how it compares to the likes of Killzone and Resistance (once we get updated footage for those titles at E3).


We all now you should not see it from the distance you have from your computer now (and that is why it looks way so worse) but I do agree... Gears don't looked that great to me... For sure, it was a push back in 2006 but really, Resistance has already better models and less crispy images (just look at the weapon, try to forget that Marcus's odd/dirty ear and hair in front of you).

I'm not calling out Gears Of War or Gears of War II, but really, in my mind the outstanding in gears was the level design (offline), a smart use of the colors, pretty fresh (not really original) gameplay and they was amaze enough to put in a game style and narrative that attracts the Halo guys to it, which put a big amount of people playing it online (and we all know that the online success of some games depends on the number of people playing it, COD4 could be as good as 1 billion dollars in my wallet, but if no one played it, we would just let it go and moved away to the next fragfest).

But back to the point Gears stop amazing me back in early 07, from that 'till now we have many really graphical pushes, why should someone expect Gears 2, in the same old engine with little adjustments, to amaze us? I don't think it gonna be the best looking game even on 360 only, because Bioshock is already a little better that Gears 1, if developers now try and make their own way (read it: no more unreal engine shortcuts) to tap 360 hardware, they can easy pass Gears 2.

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power of Green 3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Dam the trolls are already here. Sony fanboy Killzone 2 lies are a joke. lol

#1 tried to lie lol, there was no disagreements or no uproar about anything shown about Killzone when it comes to the latest gameplay or ingame movies lol.

The uproar was people calling BullShit with that old CGI trailer that was claimed to be gameplay.

Fishy Fingers3416d ago

Word has it the killzone video due for release before the end of april will be an in-game reenactment of the infamous 2005 trailer. I guess we'll see if they were lies then.

JVIDICAN3416d ago

and then they came out with gameplay footage that not only almost met its target render(this was in its pre-alpha phase of development btw)
but also beat the graphics of any game ever made for a system. yeah thats right even gears 2.

JVIDICAN3416d ago

lol i keep hearing "infamous tralier" and think people are talking about the game "INfamous" =P