First impressions: Hands-on with Nintendo 2DS | USA Today

When covering video games, sometimes judging with your hands is more important than with your eyes or ears.

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Aeronishun1938d ago

Sooooo, the L and R buttons aren't so far away from the buttons and slide pad that you have to stretch to reach them?
Means it'll be comfortable to hold.

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JackOfAllBlades1938d ago

I really don't think it will be comfortable, I mean just look at it

BullyMangler1938d ago

yyep and im gonna play the new smash bros on this rather a 3DS because of the new comfort this machine brings. im thinking that by the time the new smash for the 3DS comes out they will release the 2DS (XL) bundled with the new smash bros hopefully yes please.

inStereo1938d ago

What the heck? Where did this thing come from? First I've heard about it!

grahf1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

It was announced today. Don't feel bad, it wasn't a Rockstar, Microsoft, or Activision (to name a few) product so the the obligatory "leak" never came!

Rockdown1938d ago

The ugliest console ever.

Tewi-Inaba1938d ago

Guess you've never seen a Sega Game Gear...

grimmweisse1938d ago

To be honest the game gear didn't look like a burnt out piece of toast. 2ds is just hideous out right!

Rockdown1938d ago

I loved the game gear, it was far from ugly.

kingPoS1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

The Gamegear wasn't bad, it only demanded that batteries be continually sacrificed in it's name or it wouldn't shine it's light upon you.

It was a benevolent handheld.


mastershredder1938d ago

Wedge shape. Now I can use a DS as a door stop.

ParaDise_LosT1938d ago

door stop that plays more games than the vita

Aeronishun1938d ago

HA! Good one.XD
On a related note, I sincerely hope the Vita gets enough good games to become more than an after-thought....

Ripsta7th1938d ago

Lol they just cant handle it

stuna11938d ago

Nintendo fans upset about how they're being treated! So they badmouth Vita as vindication! So so sad!!!!!

jonboi241938d ago

Seriously Nintendo just make a dedicated gaming tablet already, it's so obvious that you want to make one.

Wizziokid1938d ago

God no i like buttons not touch controls, the ds offers a perfect balance.

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The story is too old to be commented.