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Nintendo 2DS - Introduction (YouTube)

Introducing... 2DS!

-- $129.99
-- Releasing October 12 (same release date as Pokemon X/Y)
-- Uses a Slate design as opposed to a Clamshell design.
-- 3D features are removed.
-- Other than that, retains all other 3DS functionality.
-- Like the 3DS, plays all 3DS and most DS games. (3DS, Nintendo DS)

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Godlovesgamers  +   231d ago
jcnba28  +   230d ago
God forbid Nintendo designs another handheld to appeal more to the younger generation!... While I don't like the look of it I still think it's a great idea.
Shadowsteal  +   230d ago
I'll take 3! jk

Look guys obviously we don't see the appeal in it because we're already holding a 3ds or an xl.

They're marketing this to younger children, to let them be able to play 3ds games without breaking the bank. I'm not sure why they couldn't have it fold, yes I can see how it would make it more durable but the 3ds and the xl have great build quality. The 3ds albeit has better durability due to the metal like body.

The pricing is arguable. Dsi I believe is $100 new, for $30 more you get the ability to play 3ds games. It should be $100 but the reason its not is because the Dsi/Dsixl is still being sold at retailers. The moment those end production, I can guarantee they'll start selling the 2ds for $100.
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Shad0wRunner  +   230d ago
Yep. Nintendo has become VERY lame. Theyre not even trying anymore.

Lukas_Japonicus  +   230d ago
Pointless release.
GenericNameHere  +   230d ago
How you gonna put this in your pocket? Look at the size of that thing!

Anyways, remember the Gameboy Micro? Did that get as much hate as the 2DS is getting now? Or did everyone like the Micro? (Didn't follow gaming news back then)
jcnba28  +   230d ago
Not much was said about the Micro because the original DS launched around the same time.
GenericNameHere  +   230d ago
Ahh I see. I personally have seen only 2 people owning a GB Micro in person. One was my cousin, and another a friend from middle school. I was dumbfounded when I first saw it. Was it a new thing? What games did it have? I played it for a bit, and it was kinda cool playing FireRed on that really small screen. Although, I did play it when I was a kid, I don't remember exactly how small it was. Maybe it would be too small for my hands now?
Indo  +   230d ago
I don't see the point in the 2DS. Removed all the key features that made 3DS great and not really making a steep enough price cut to justify the purchase. Bad move even though its key purpose would be for kids around 7 years of age. I would hate to receive this as a Christmas gift, being stiffed a 3DS haha.
higgins78  +   230d ago
I don't want to call these people describing the 2DS as cretins, but, if the cap fits...

What's so hard to understand? This Christmas, instead of buying yourself (or whoever) a DS/DSi - possibly the best handheld of all time, with its innovative features and awesome collection of games - its now possible to feature 3DS games into that mix with the 2DS.

Titles such as New Leaf, Luigi's Mansion 2, OOT, Fire Emblem, Mario Kart 7, Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus, etc, etc, which have been unplayable before on a traditional DS/DSi can now feature, not to mention all the upcoming games. I think personally its a excellent option to throw into the mix.
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YoungPlex  +   230d ago
smh... What's wrong with Nintendo? Children are what they're targeting with this idea which isn't a bad idea but really not appealing to anyone outside of children. How about designing a new 3DS-i XL that looks and feels premium for those that are adults and like their games...
erikthegman  +   230d ago
after watching the video I don't think it looks that bad. its a decent size. it might not appeal to me but I can see it appealing to others.

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