1UP Previews NASCAR 09

1UP writes: "Outside of its legions of fans, the appeal of floor-it-and-turn-left NASCAR racing is lost on many people. The same holds true to an even greater degree for its videogames over the past few years. Highly technical and focused on realism, the games could even put off folks who plan weekends around watching the races. For NASCAR 09, the team made it their top priority to create a game that lets any fan of the sport to pick up a controller and experience the door-banging pack racing that defines NASCAR.

To reach this goal, they started with the presentation. Every EA Sports game has its cover athlete, but NASCAR 09 makes the cover athlete part of the game. Jeff Gordon greets you when you fire it up the first time, and from there on he not only mentors you on your quest to become a championship stock car driver, but also, at a touch of the back button at any point, explains the workings of the game".

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