New Killer Instinct Gives Me a Headache

The new Killer Instinct is definitely not free. Will be buying extra Tylenol for a while.

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golding891852d ago

"You’ve made it clear, Mr. Lobb. The new Killer Instinct is definitely not free."

Is this guy serious? Whoever said this game would be free?

I guess he rather pay 60 bucks then 40..smh. stop complaining about the price.

ErcsYou1852d ago

I would rather pay $60 for a fighting game with more than 6 characters at launch. Even Capcom is scratching their head in confusion.

FateoftheGame1852d ago

Capcom sounds like a Good Samaritan compared to this.

malokevi1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

The way that DoubleHelix explained it, the $40 "seasons pass" (or perhaps some other sort of seasons pass option) will include all of the future seasons. Sort of like Battlefield premium.

Full retail price for all future installments would be fair, I think. Paying anything more seems... excessive. Personally, I'll be grabbing the 20 dollar version and that's it. Too many good games coming to make long-term investments in a fighting launch-title.

FateoftheGame1852d ago

That's not what Lobb said in regard to the second season:

"You can pay $20 again and now you have 16 characters, or you pay $40 again and you'll get the everything version," Lobb said.

Key word being "again."

malokevi1852d ago

80 bucks for a bunch of costumes and crap? That's just lame. 20 bucks, I'm in. Another 20 down the line... We'll see. 40? twice? HA!

2cents1852d ago

Selective stupidity is rampant with everything Xbox related.

4logpc1852d ago

People will never be happy.

Cant wait for Killer Instinct

Supermax1852d ago

The game is 20 bucks not 40.