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Submitted by s8anicslayer 824d ago | video

Who is the Nintendo 2DS For?

IGN's Jose Otero and Brian Altano talk about Nintendo 2DS. Who is it for? What does it feel like? Check out their impressions. (Nintendo, Nintendo DS)

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PlayStation_4  +   824d ago
Seems like it wouldn't be very comfortable to hold
Donnieboi  +   824d ago
I just had an idea: What if they are gearing up to eventually use the 3ds as a replacement for the Wii U pad in the future? I mean: why would it be I-pad shaped instead of the ability to fold it?

Edit: also, the problem is where will the second analog stick go? I can't see the analog attachment for 3ds fitting on the 2ds since it is a different shape.
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PlayStation_4  +   824d ago
I doubt that Nintendo have the technology right now to do that 3DS/WiiU thing, they are really behind when it comes to tech, but that's ok because it's Nintendo
Rowdius_Maximus  +   824d ago
Next is the 1DS

Here it is:
darthv72  +   824d ago
that is a trip of a system. Im getting one just to have because it looks so obscure that it could be a rarity at some point.
J_Joestar  +   824d ago
In theory it shouldn't be too difficult. The Wii U's controller doesn't really do much on it's own, just streams from the system itself.

There shouldn't be any technical limitation issues to the 3DS acting as a controller asides from the lack of a second analog.
mewhy32  +   824d ago
it looks very uncomfortable to hold and I'm not sure what part of the market this device is for? The standard 3ds isn't that expensive and it folds up nicely. This device isn't that much less expensive and doesn't even fold. Not sure about this move.
zeal0us  +   824d ago
Tablet like shape
Cheaper price

Will it be a enough to stop the tablet&mobile gaming onslaught? Sadly I doubt it. The games are more expensive compared to mobile games. There isn't a decent selection of educational games. So parent more than likely would pick up a tablet or stuff like leapfrog instead.
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SilentNegotiator  +   824d ago
According to Nintendo, it's for parents who need to buy TWO for two children. Saving them a total of $80.

While simultaneously getting a system that is doomed to have its screens scratched to hell because it doesn't freaking fold. And if you buy the cases for both of them, you're down to having saved about $40-$50 for having bought TWO of them.
ShadowHarp  +   817d ago
the vita seems to manage
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   824d ago
Im pretty sure this will confuse some ppl. But its damn cheap. Its design idk why is just weird to me tho.
-Alpha  +   824d ago
The ad was straightforward: It's 3DS without the 3D.

Surely there are parents and gamers who don't care about 3D, and don't want to pay the price. It's a cheap device that plays solid, highly rated portable games. Seems like a pretty easy way to cash in.
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MasterCornholio  +   824d ago
But why couldnt they do that with a clamshell design instead of this monstrosity?

How hard is it to remove the 3D from a 3DS screen and replace it with a normal one?
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-Alpha  +   824d ago
^ Again, this really isn't marketed towards you or I.

I think it's clear that this is targeted towards a really young demographic, and there could be a number of reasons.

The most obvious to me is that kids would easily break a clam-shelled designed portable. I wouldn't trust a kid with my 3DS.

The design appeals to kids. Nintendo is smart. They know that kids these days play on mommy's ipads and iphones, and with Pokemon around the corner, a cheap 2DS is going to sell to those children.
dredgewalker  +   824d ago
I have to agree that the 2ds form factor does make it more durable. But it's still so butt ugly! The DS lite was also durable even though it had the clamshell design. The 2DS would still look better if it just stayed with the clamshell design. Kids would also prefer that since they can put it in their pockets.
josephayal  +   824d ago
looks like a toy to me, sorry but i love my 3ds xl
zeal0us  +   824d ago
With a design like that more than likely this thing is tailored towards children.
dredgewalker  +   824d ago
Me too I'd never abandon my 3ds xl for this!
HyperBear  +   824d ago
Ohh how I love the Parody Kaz Hirai :D

"The Nintendo 2DS is perfect for people who found both opening the 3DS and turning off the 3D too difficult"
Kingthrash360  +   824d ago
lol kaz is a beast!
Williamson  +   824d ago
lol wtf?? this was pretty random! Didnt expect this at all.
SaxScrotumz  +   824d ago
Dude, I thought it was some kind of a joke.
iamnsuperman  +   824d ago
It is probably a cheap way to avoid the mobile market but the design choice is very odd and the name doesn't help this. Nintendo 2Ds sounds like a previous version of the 3DS
LoveOfTheGame  +   824d ago
The entire interview, I was just looking at that back shelf thinking to myself, "The PS2 shouldn't be on top of the Xbox, because it has a slight curve to it on top causing the PS2 to wobble."

Gotta love the things we learn with many consoles and little entertainment space.
gaelic_laoch  +   824d ago
Perfect for people with depth perception and other visual problems I reckon!
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Kingthrash360  +   824d ago
and a broken right hand that they can use to turn off the 3d on a 3ds......and flip open the ds
Phil32  +   824d ago
It looks to be durable and not clamshell as kids would probably snap the hinges right off. After all, kids are what Nintendo is pushing this for (hence the lack of 3D).
_QQ_  +   824d ago
Good for Kids. really cheap!
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iamnsuperman  +   824d ago
See I thought that until I looked at the 3DS price. 3DS is £134 (original not XL 3DS) while the 2DS is £109
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refocusedman  +   824d ago
This is meant to decreased the cost of the portable system in order to maximize profit. The truth is that the 3d portion of the 3ds has become a luxury that all games do not utilize. By nixing the 3d portion of the system they save money (to offset Wii U loses) without really affecting their portable market. At the end of the day most new adopters arent even gonna realize that its gone.
StraightedgeSES  +   824d ago
I will wait for 2ds xl
Kingthrash360  +   824d ago
smh nintendo on that good stuff.....look at that button layout...the 3ds is fine 2ds a waste of money.
GenericNameHere  +   824d ago
Prolonged use of the 3D by everyone can cause problems, especially with kids, but what's their new marketing now? Wasn't the 3D the 3DS' biggest gimmick/selling point? It's even called 3DS for crying out loud! But I guess if this is the only way to further lower the price, I guess it's cool. I barely (read: never) use the 3D. I lost the stand the came with Kid Icarus Uprising, so finding that perfect angle is too much of a hassle.

One big question though. Are consumers going to be confused? Parents might go to the store, see a 2DS, but notice that there are no 2DS games, just DS and 3DS. Are 3DS games going to have 2D versions too, at probably lower prices?
skyrimer  +   824d ago
what? I've been playing on 3d with nvidia 3d vision for years and I haven't had a single issue, as many others, check nvidia forums, what kinds of nonsense I have to read here.
feraldrgn  +   824d ago
Damn, I was hoping it was going to be a 3DS (same design) just slimmer without the 3D option.
I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

My eyes don't work well with any current form of 3D.
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thomasmiller  +   824d ago
i think it is cool for people who want to budget, so as long as it does everything that a regular 3ds does, unlike the wii mini or what ever that was, as long as the 2ds is just missing the 3d, then i can live with it.
Stsonic  +   824d ago
This just confirms that Nintendo have got it all backwards this gen.
boybato  +   824d ago
Awww. That's ice cold. Lol
Mikefizzled  +   824d ago
Unless I missed the point I thought it was for under 7s as the 3DS is bad for eyesight in the young.
masa2009  +   823d ago
This bulkier design would have been the perfect occasion to FINALLY include the 2 extra buttons and the right analog from the Circle Pad Pro, since it can't be folded it'd not have been a problem.
But noooo, noooo, better release a cutting edge system with a mono sound speaker instead!

Oh well, I guess 4-year old Timmy, who this console was apparently designed for, won't care. His Yu Gi Oh licensed games will probably play just fine.
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