How Sony Gave Life Back to the Vita at Gamescom 2013

Vita’s major issue was indeed its price, and whilst it was not that bad and through several deals you could get one at a reasonable price there was a huge issue when it came to its memory price tag. Considering Sony push towards its digital downloads on the Vita especially through their Plus service they might have thought having their own memory cards at a ridiculous price could make them some profit instead it stopped many people from even caring to buy it. Therefore reducing both the price of the Vita and it’s memory card was one of the best things Sony could do.

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user74029311939d ago


its very popular.

miyamoto1938d ago

Have you ever seen ten little kids boys and girls huddled together playing Minecraft on cheap Samsung Android tablets over wi fi?

I see that thing happen all the time.

ZBlacktt1939d ago

PS4 play anywhere. Now if they could just make it a smart phone as well, lol.

xxPillsxx1939d ago

Without buttons, I'll see how it goes.

ZBlacktt1939d ago

Look up voice activation. Used in automobiles often for hands free. Also digital key pads. Not heard of them?

dredgewalker1939d ago

Already have a smart phone for my other needs besides gaming. Besides the Vita's size makes it an awkward phone though it does have skype.

ZBlacktt1939d ago

It was a joke. But people like to disagree for the hell of it on this site. Moving on...

dredgewalker1939d ago

Uhmm I never pressed the disagree button......I'm not one of those people who love to disagree just for the hell of it :)

Belking1939d ago

Soon we will see if they've given the vita the boost it needs. Too early to tell now.

dcj05241939d ago

They're doing what they did in japan. Price cut and then AAA game next month ( and then another one the next month) they shoupd advertise a green vita for tearaway. Kids love that junk. And of course a killzone bundle too.

gamer78041939d ago

They didn't give it new life. They just kept its head above water releasing more indie games... Unfortunately.

dcj05241939d ago

But its in a bath tub. Stand up vita lol.