Xbox One release date could be November 22nd – source

The internet has been flooded with rumour and speculation in recent weeks about the possible release date for the Xbox One. Initially it was believed to be November 8th, but a source close to Microsoft has since shot down the date.

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iamnsuperman1934d ago

"So why could November 22nd be the release date for the Xbox One?"

Because you said previously in the article "An un-named source close to a large online organisation contacted us and stated the Xbox One release date will be November 22nd"

The writing of this is very odd considering a "source" told them it will be the 22nd

nvg1934d ago

That's correct, but until Microsoft state otherwise, we have no option but to brand it as rumour and back up with reasons why the source is likely correct.

iamnsuperman1934d ago

I see what you were doing now. Sorry

mewhy321934d ago

The release date of the bone doesn't matter. The PS4 is dominating the pre-order scene in both console and games.

Christopher1934d ago

Weeeeeeeeeeee! Another nameless rumor!

HammadTheBeast1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Reported for too many e's.

On topic, I'd expect the console to release ahead of Black Friday.

Christopher1933d ago

I knew I should have used one less 'e'.

avengers19781934d ago

It only took a day to make the November 8th release date false, lets see how fast this one becomes false

vigilante_man1934d ago

That's a week before PS4 in the UK/Europe and a week later in the US. Would be a good time.

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ZBlacktt1934d ago

Well, if it's not before the PS4 and it's not the same as the PS4. Yet it is in Nov, then we only have 2 weeks to play with here, lol.

kneon1934d ago

And they won't want to release the week of black Friday, they won't want make it even harder for people to buy the console.

So that doesn't leave a whole lot of options.

ZBlacktt1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Yep, totally agree, interesting situation once again for the X1.

I'll be at Pax this weekend which is in MS home town. So I'm sure they will address this then.

user74029311934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

im going to wait in line with a ps4 logo shirt lol. no not really.

iamnsuperman1934d ago

Well at least that wouldn't be as douche as what these guys did for the PS3

user74029311934d ago

guy looks like a creature in skyrim dressed like a pimp.

ziggurcat1934d ago

what a waste of money.

also skin, space, etc...

richierich1934d ago

If this is true it wont go in MS's favour

Tony-A1934d ago

Other than the "week earlier than PS4" rumor that is now debunked, this would be the only other logical week to launch their console. It's not like they can launch on the same night as the PS4 without going head-to-head with that console's hype.

They also can't be released on the 29th.... Black Friday.

If they plan to release on a Friday, it would have to be the 22nd. Jeez.... I'm just now starting to see why launching the 360 as early as possible before the PS3 was so important to them. Had they gone head-to-head then, they would have lost then, too. And that's WITH horrendous PR and "hype" surrounding Sony and the PS3 back then.

Just imagine it now....

TheGreatGamer1934d ago

It makes sense but will Europe release date coincide or be in december? that worries me

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