Why the Xbox One will launch November 9th!

It makes more sense to launch on a Friday/Saturday rather than Thursday/Friday and technically it is later than November 8th.

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Lazarus691548d ago

Launching on a Saturday is never going to happen

sprinterboy1548d ago

Week b4 Sony or a week after sony is my guess

mfletch5121548d ago

It would cause a brutal melee between fanboys! lol

JackOfAllBlades1548d ago

Exactly why I want it to happen, the shear entertainment value of being there at the midnight launch

Thisisjuju1548d ago

Can you imagine the queues at the store for the midnight release? One side the PS fans and the other xbox...

Could be one epic battle! lol

jjb19811548d ago

I would be in both lines at the same time.

Supermax1548d ago

Consoles have launched on Saturdays before so it would not be out of the question I still think its comeing out on nov 5

steves11261548d ago

The only thing I can say for sure is THE EARLIER THE BETTER!