Scott Lowe Retracts Controversial Statement: says "PS4 Dev-Kits Was Used For Demos and Hand-Ons

According to Scott Lowe, Executive Editor at "IGN", Sony has yet to show a functioning PS4 or a hands-on Remote Play demo with under three months until launch.


The source article has been updated with a clarification tweet from Scott Lowe.

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TrevorPhillips1934d ago

Not long to go till I get my hands on the PS4 :)

HammadTheBeast1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Scott Lowe is an idiot, they said they were using the console itself for the Killzone live demo at the Jimmy Fallon show. They confirmed it multiple times, with Sony and a KZ dev.

Just read it again:

Basically, he says that the dev kits are not considered the console itself, because the casing of the dev kit makes him worried how it will fit into the retail model.

Flame bait headline, it should read "retail" ps4's.

logan_izer101934d ago

Scott Lowe is a true turd. I fully agree.

faysal1934d ago

he just made a fool out of him self... i mean this guy assumes devkits are PC and ps4 is yet to be runned real time cz of the caseing? i mean thats why you are a editor and not a enginer.. i mean how dumb can you get, and he tries to pass it on as a FACT? WTF

logan_izer101934d ago

Surprise! The Turd had to retract his turd statement!

MWong1934d ago

Funny thing as soon as I read this article, I thought to myself, "didn't he say BF4's graphics didn't look that good on the PS4." I now remember why I really stopped going to

thechosenone1934d ago

"Ok here's a quick crash course on how game development actually works.

We're seeing two different things right now...

That NFS picture is not what he's talking about in the OP's tweet. They are clearly running the PC version of the game with a PS4 controller.

What the OP is talking about is PS4 games running on a devkit instead of a "retail" console.

First of all this is complete bullshit. They are both running games on devkits. The XB1 devkits happens to look exactly like the retail console so the PR guys can say that it's a retail console but it's actually a devkit. The PS4 devkits look different so it's easier to spot. Three months before the console is released is WAYYY too early to run anything on a retail kit.

Second, you guys need to understand what a devkit actually is. The devkits that are in use right now (I'm not talking about the very early devkits but what's in use right now) are pretty much using the same final hardware that will be in the retail kits but with extra memory allocated to debug tools and the ability to run unsigned code.

There's nothing wrong or devious from running games on a devkit. That's how it always been. What did you think the 360/PS3 games were running on at E3 for the last 6 years? They were not retail consoles either, they were devkits since nobody has signed code that can run on a retail console until the game goes through submission...which happens 2-3 weeks before the game is released.

All those tweets and articles are just click bait to create controversy. It's a non story and people really need to move on."

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1934d ago

He made it sound like we have never seen anything ever on dev kits.

TOGC1934d ago

Same could be said for Xbox long as the consoles work when I get them on launch, I honestly don't care.

Kayant1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Loool i knew it was a matter of time before this arrives.... May the shitstorm begin.

He later said it was actually PS4 devkits (Speced PC's =/= devkit kits) --->

Basically he's considered that the PS4 is too small and because they haven't shown anything running on Final/retail hardware he's afraid of the potential problems in the future (heating etc). While MS has been said to show off all games on Retail consoles at gamescom.

Basically PS4's design is too crazy for it to be true.

Albert Penello confirmed Retail/devkit XB1's are the same

Ksar1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Everything about the PS4 feels rushed.

-Foxtrot1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

LOL...your joking....right

But I bet you don't think the same about the Xbox One, the console which seems like it has no straight forward plan and how it seems Sony caught them off guard with their announcement of their next gen console. Oh lets not release date yet

Kuse1934d ago

Xbox One passed Certification way before PS4 ever did earlier this year. So no the Xbox One is not rushed, if anything it now looks like perhaps the PS4 is being rushed if you will..

-Foxtrot1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Did it really pass the FCC, with all of Microsofts lies I can't take their word of it anymore. When the PS4 passed FCC their was a big thing on it, especially on here. Wheres evidence of MS passing FCC.

You know what, I'm not even going to argue. Of all the things Microsoft have rushed around doing since the reveal shows you they seemed less prepared then Sony for next gen. Sony seems like it's had a straight out plan since the reveal in Feb. If you die hard Xbox fans what to click disagree on every comment and try to spin stuff then fair enough...I'm out, I'm off to go browse another article.

Ritsujun1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Incoming RROD2.0 and more 180's.
Sbillyblindb0ts' bodies are ready to get Xbone180'd, again.

DiRtY1934d ago

Everybody and their mothers expected the PS4 to release in 2013. Heck, every N4G usera and every gaming site said so.

Why do people think MS did not?

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HammadTheBeast1934d ago

I don't know, they're not the ones making last-minute policy changes and firing a lot of the higer-ups in the company.

Kuse1934d ago

Ballmer was only a matter of time, Xbox One was just icing on the cake.

jcnba281934d ago

Couldn't agree more. Launch better go smoothly for them.

MasterofMagnetism1934d ago

Oh my god you're right. Better cancel my preorder now!! /s

solidjun51934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Yea I'm rushing to get one.
Otherwise you're just talking out your behind.

Oh look! Jcnba is here!

adventureghost1241933d ago

Did you seriously just utter those words? After they spent years figuring out how to make it easier for devs to program so almost anyone can program, Completely change their OS so that it would be able to perform well while using minimal RAM, manage to make the massive amount of hardware fit into a box smaller than a PS3 slim, traveled to many different companies to see what they wanted in their console, and you have the nerve to say that it feels rushed?

Look at their competition right now. Nintendo is selling over priced hardware which should have been released this generation while receiving minimal support from other companies while also making it harder for 3rd party devs to receive support and most of what they have been doing with this console is re-releasing games from the gamecube era!

Microsoft is much more f*cked up then that, They have been in an utter mess since the beginning. Showing their console off 2 weeks before E3. Revolving their Console around the Kinect, which is a broken system to begin with, that has to always be connected. adding non consumer friendly DRM, and a 24 hour check in, so if you don't have internet your screwed. having almost no games at the reveal and focusing on the idea of changing to your TV in a fancier, more expensive way. finally get some games at E3 some of which look like timed exclusives, They get very defensive about their policies lie to and finally decided to look and see that they have almost no support so they said that they can't "change the policies with a flick of switch" yet 3 days later announce that most of their policies changed, with a patch which they can undo at anytime, with reports coming out that they can't even get Ryse to run at 30fps and it seems like most of their "exclusives" cant run far above 30.

Now please, tell me, tell me how you could possibly think that Everything about the PS4 feels rushed

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-Foxtrot1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Here we go IGN to cause a s*** storm which will most likely be blown way out of proportion. They've done things like this before, probably when they realise traffic is slowing down on their site

Gregg Miller and co have had a ton of rewind videos on a ton of PS4 stuff, why was this NEVER mentioned.

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