The 7 Best Video Game Intros of the 00s

From Cinelinx:

A game's intro can set the tone, mood, and more than anything, they get you pumped to play the game. I know many gamers (myself included) who will take the time to pop in the disc and watch the intro even if they don't get the chance to play the game immediately. It's a great device to engage gamers and set up the overall story. With the latest advancements in technology and 3D graphics, this past decade has seen some of the most impressive-looking cinematic intros ever. Today, I’d like to take a look at some of the best ones the 00s have had to offer, and why they still rank among the best.

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creatchee1727d ago

I loved The Mark of Kri! Kasai wasn't as good though :(

I'd love to see Sony revisit the series on PS4.

darklordzor1727d ago

Yes, a hundred times, yes! This remains one of my favorites for the PS2. I was so excited to see a sequel was coming, but Kasai was so inferior. The story really sucked me in, so it'd be nice to see Sony give it another chance, like you mentioned.