Review: Arcania: The Complete Tale (New Gamer Nation)

From the minds at Spellbound Entertainment comes Arcania: The Complete Tale. Arcania: The Complete Tale is a port of Gothic 4 and its DLC entitled Arcania: Fall of Setarriff, all rolled into one convenient package. The Gothic series wasn’t overly popular, but if the rest of the series can be judged based on the merits of this game, it seems that you weren’t missing much. Arcania: The Complete Tale feels like everyone involved tried so hard to make something amazing, but instead of the love and quality showing through, everything feels overdone and ultimately breaks, which leads to more problems than you started out with. It is a shame, though, because there are some things that Arcania does right, but with so much that went wrong, you really have to dig to see the silver lining.

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