The Kids Might Not Be Alright - Will PS4 Improve Parental Restrictions?

"Lots of things change when you have children – your sleep patterns, your amount of free time and your stress levels to name but a few. Though gaming is also one of the things that takes a hit when bringing a lovely, small, helpless person into the world."

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OrangePowerz1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Parental restrictions on current gen are fine no need to "improve" them. The problem are the parents who don't use them.

slimeybrainboy1934d ago

I dont understand why parents should use them. Just raise a normal kid, tell them not to be rude don't let them piss outside and send them to a decent school.

I played GTA's, Manhunt, The Getaway, God of War as a kid, and I haven't killed anyone yet. I dont swear at police and almost never rape anyone.

All my mates played every 18 game, every 18 movie, and the ones who had shit parents are shit people and the ones who had nice parents were nice people, it had nothing to do with what or how much of what we played.

lnvisibleMan1934d ago

....and almost never rape anyone. Did I read that right.

pedrof931934d ago


I totally agree with you ! Parents should take care of their own children and not multi-billion dollar companies !

AlexanderNevermind1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

@ Orange Powers

Well put. My 12 and 7 yr old both know no video games during the week on school days. On weekends the time is limited. Granted my 12 yr old gets some time in before I get in from work but the groundwork for discipline was set some time ago.

CocoWolfie1934d ago

the console shouldnt need them, the parents should be the ones parenting, my mum fortunately let me play games not suitable for me at a young age and that was the best decision she ever made for me :) i guess it just revolves around if your children can understand video games, that they are a fantasy world and such :p

rainslacker1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I think many parents assume their kids are more mature than they really are. The whole, "My kid is perfect" mentality. It's why they complain about other people's kids being little sh**s while their kid is doing the same thing behind their backs. Otherwise, I think it's really a minority of kids that don't get discipline. You really only hear about the ones that don't, and then everything gets generalized from there.

Otherwise, the stuff in place now is effective if used properly. Most parents of younger kids today grew up around technology, so it's not like any of this stuff is new to them.

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xHeavYx1934d ago

Back in the day (I'm 27) parents didn't need a machine for parental restriction

Myst1934d ago

Ain't that the truth. I'm only 24 but I remember getting the power cord taken away from my system's lol.

xHeavYx1934d ago

Lol yeah, my mom would first hide it in the house, but when she realized I knew where it was, she would take it with her to work... Good times

805Junior8051934d ago

Parents now a days just want to buy their children something to get them to stop bugging them. Instead of buying them a bike or a basketball hoop. Most parents now are lazy. I remember getting my game boy taking away, they would take my playstation controllers away. Parental controls aren't necessary when you have good parenting.

Kingnichendrix1934d ago

Sometimes parents need to understand their kids i mean when i was 12 my dad got me a ps2 with gta 3 and manhunt also the getaway but i have never been unhinged or psychotic and i was mature for my age. But parents who blame their kids behaviors on games need to review their parenting

gaelic_laoch1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

It is so hard to tell a stroppy teenager he/she cannot play COD or GTA! Best keep anything that can be used as a weapon clear of them especially firearms and ammo!

Definitely no one under 12 should be playing the likes of Manhunt!

Life was so much easier playing pac man as a kid!

Bhuahahaha1934d ago

yup kids dont shoot each other they only bite

gaelic_laoch1934d ago

Make them wear gum guards!

GribbleGrunger1934d ago

Damn right it will have better parental restrictions! I'm not letting my kids anywhere near this beauty.

Enigma_20991934d ago

Great... because of course it's SONY's responsibility to parent your kids.

Who am I kidding, they're probably doing this to protect themselves from stupid parents again.