'Dungeon Keeper' on iOS, Android is online-only and free-to-play

Dungeon Keeper on iOS and Android is an online-only title with a free-to-play business model, EA revealed at gamescom 2013.

The reboot sees players become a keeper and build their own dungeons, which are stored online and available for others to raid through asynchronous multiplayer.

Elsewhere, a full single-player campaign - which also requires a persistant connection to play - allows players to raid or defend dungeons against computer-controlled adversaries.

Described as being similar to tower defence titles, players must defend the Dungeon Heart by constructing rooms, enemies and traps around it.

During raids, players can perform spells including an attack that turns all enemies into chickens, and dragon breath that is performed with touch controls.

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DoomeDx1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Free 2 play games on mobile devices suck.

Dungeon Keeper was definatly one of the best games I have ever played. Please dont fuck this up.

Judging from the screenshots, they already fucked it up. Way to cartoony & Childish

ravinash1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Yeah, I have to agree sadly.
I don't really like the art style they have gone for.
Maybe because it's for iOS, that’s why it's so blocky.

I really loved the old game. Always amusing trying to stop your monsters from fighting each other.

Somebody1910d ago

"a full single-player campaign - which also requires a persistant connection to play"


jairusmonillas1910d ago

games already eat too much batteries adding wifi or mobile network on also eats away battery faster. this is really a bad idea, they should just let us turn network on when we are going online multiplayer or something not on single modes that doesnt need connections. <_<