Furious Fourcast #14 -- The Twerking Batfleck Grand Theft Infinity Hour

Holy lengthy podcast title, Batman! The Furious Fourcast is broadcasting a little early this week with two of the casters heading to conventions this week. That doesn't stop Jen, Adam, Robert and Scott from talking the casting controversy of Ben Affleck as Batman and Miley Cyrus' twerking at VMAs (despite Scott's protests).

Yes, there is plenty of game discussion too though including the leak and "gone gold" announcement of Grand Theft Auto V, an unfortunate incident involving GTA IV and what Xbox One and PS4 game reveals out of Gamescom impressed the most. There's also a heavy discussion of Disney Infinity.

And this week's burning question involves the worst of the Star Wars expanded universe which somehow led into a contest involving twerking Ewoks.


Yeah, it's the Furious Fourcast y'all.

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