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Video games 'do not make teens violent'

Playing violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty does not cause anti-social behaviour, according to a study of American teenagers. (Grand Theft Auto, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

DirtyPimp  +   485d ago
videogames are stress bombers. weed is better but still danny..
Lukas_Japonicus  +   485d ago
To say that it "creates" it is idiotic. Contributes? Maybe. Amplifies? Maybe. But causes? No way. It goes alot deeper than videogames. The real issues are parenting, friend circles, withstanding mental issues to name a few. Common sense does not require a study.
Kevlar009  +   484d ago
Take any basic pyschology course and you will learn no action or behavior is the result of one factor, it's a combination of several environmental and personal factors.
OtherSider  +   484d ago
Common sense does not require a study? If you say so, then you must be certain of the relationship of video games to violent behaviour, if there exists such a relationship.

You mentioned that video games MAY contribute or amplify violent behaviour. So you are not sure about the relationship.

This study addresses your concerns by demonstrating that violent video games may not influence violent behaviour.

Common sense would tell you to take note of this study, which addresses YOUR concerns.
Bereaver  +   484d ago
It really depends on the single person that's playing the game and that not only answers the problem but creates another one all in it's own..... How could we tell which person can be mentally effected enough to become violent from playing violent games. People are just unpredictable sometimes. Sometimes I wish there was an easy solution.... because I'm very docile in real life and would only use force to protect myself but I love getting headshots in games.
yesmynameissumo  +   484d ago
Whew! Glad that's settled. *kills neighbor*
AceBlazer13  +   484d ago
the people that carry out these acts were probably never right in the head to begin with. video games just give them the extra push to say the least
Wni0  +   484d ago
according to a study of teenagers... lol. DO YOU GET VIOLENT WHEN PLAYING VIDEOGAMES. uhhhh no brah no
Kydawg  +   484d ago
Of course they don't! September 17th better hurry up though....I'm getting angry!
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ylwzx3  +   484d ago
If video games made teens violent I would be one CRAZY nutcase today.
sckipt  +   484d ago
if video games cause violence then people have been playing video games for thousands of years and yes this was taken from something and i give it credit what ever it was
OtherSider  +   484d ago
Assuming video games cause violence (which I don't agree with), your statement still doesn't follow because video games are not the ONLY cause of violence - there are other causes of violence other than video games, such as greed or thirst for power.
dcj0524  +   484d ago
Bhuahahaha  +   484d ago
no its not.
congress just wants to justify their plan to increase tax for video games
Misaka_x_Touma  +   484d ago
everythings cause violence. Saying a console is better than another will cause violence. Saying your sport team is better cause violence. Stealing a piece of bread will too.
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Hazmat13  +   484d ago
ive been watching my dad play tomb raider back in 1995 as i grew up, i loved gaming its a great way to imagine a new world, and well a great stress reliever. i have thought about killing people but as psychology shows thats as human as walking with your feet. everyone does it. but i have no criminal record hell i never skipped class. been a gamer all my life. and proud of it.
Scrivlar  +   484d ago
Funny how there were plenty of psycho's roaming around before games came along, And as for gun violence I'm sure the fact that it happens in America more than anywhere else in the third world is definitely because of GTA, Not because you actually legalise firearms. Take some responsibility.
steve30x  +   484d ago
I'm sure jack the ripper used to play GTA all the time LOL Its stupid to say video games cause people to murder other people. Did Hitler play video games? Did Stalin or other psychopaths play video games. These people who say video games cause violence need to look back before the invention of video games and see that there were people murdering other people back then.
GamingManiac  +   484d ago
I got GTA3 when I was 10 and had every GTA after that right when it released, plus played all the socoms on PS2, and I still haven't killed anyone, crazy eh?
Animal Mutha 76  +   484d ago
The fact is that young teens and preteens shouldn't be playing these games. Why do parents allow under 18s to play 18 or R rated stuff?

If your kids are 15-17 that's not as bad but many children under 10 get access to this stuff. Who buys it for them.....chav parenting.

Young children have been known to imitate what they see. The Bulger case here in UK a few years back was a good example.

I'm astonished at what is allowed in a 12 rated film these days. I know I sound old (I'm 37) but you never used to get swearing,sex and gore in a 12 or even 15 rated film. That was adult 18 straight away. Kids are desensitised (if that's how it's spelt) to all of these things to an alarming degree and have no fear or respect in many cases to adults or authority in general.

I obviously like the more mature themes in games these days but the ratings systems are a waste of time as parents just ignore them and buy little 8 yr old Tommy a copy of Brain Stomper Ass Rapist 4 or whatever.
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PCGamingNoobs  +   484d ago
im 22 and played video games since i can remember as i had an older brother who was old enough to play more mature things. and i can honestly say if it wasn't for video games i probably would be am much shittier person, through bad times i always turned to games to switch off and forget the rest of the world.

but at the same time i was raised i believe well i go off old traditions with respecting elders and all people for that matter, and when i was younger in my teens i knew when to turn off video games and help my parents out with things around the house. this is because i was raised with these principles and not left to my own devices when younger.

it all comes back to the same thing and its always down to the parenting, the IS the majority of the problem.
PCGamingNoobs  +   484d ago
in addition im sure most people who are into the gaming culture are the same mostly, but obviously the one or two incidents end up throwing gaming into the childish immature danger spotlight which stamps the rest of us which use it as just a simple form or entertainment.
Duddy101  +   484d ago
Its not the video games that make us violent its not winning at them..
greyhaven33  +   483d ago
You can't learn to throw a football from a football game, or learn to drive a car from a driving game, or shoot a gun from a shooting game. The real world skills to do these things doesn't translate from video games. Just a thought

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