Real Boxing Now Available for PlayStation Vita

Today sees the launch of Vivid Games’ Real Boxing, available now for PlayStation Vita. Available to download from the PlayStation Network now, this new edition of Real Boxing includes brand new features designed to make the most out of the PlayStation Vita Hardware.

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CloudyAero1934d ago

I don't see it in the PS store, is this just me?

Clover9041934d ago

Uk article. Are you in the uk?

CloudyAero1934d ago

*facepalms* Oh man! I feel dumb, I do apologize!

paul-p19881934d ago

Depends where you are, but the UK store updates around 5pm, so you will have to wait a little while

Clover9041934d ago

Lol, I've been burned so many times. I'd read articles about all the killer games coming to ps plus, only to realize that it's for the European marketplace. It happens :)

Fasttrack761934d ago

Wheres the reviews I don't want to buy then regret

Fasttrack761934d ago

Cant find any trophies either