Sony Is A "New Breed Of Business Development"

With the ongoing exchanges of fire between the big-gun PR departments of Sony and Microsoft, it's been easy to reduce the two companies to faceless corporations, homogenised marketing machines inexorably worming their way into our hearts and wallets.

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DA_SHREDDER1729d ago

For the dev to say his fav games are ps games, then brings up Journey. I bring up Pacific Rift. Killzone 3, Fallout, gamesharing. So many reasons to prefer sony.

Tooly1729d ago

Agreed Sony Gettin There S*** Together.

gaelic_laoch1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

SONY learnt harsh lessons from the PS3's early days. The main one being that they needed to be Dev Friendly from the start and develop an easy to program piece of hardware.

M$ learnt zero other than from their sleazy executives holding brain storming sessions about how to attach milking devices to the wallet teats of loyal XBOX lovers and fans!

The Xbone will be a success due to both its fans backlash and SONY's competition and example of customer care! Meanwhile the PS4 will dominate due to gamer and dev goodwill!

pyramidshead1729d ago

Good to see Sony not out of the game yet.

Belking1729d ago

Not out of the game "YET." uh oh...

pyramidshead1729d ago

Mhmm, doesn't take a genius to know that if this was another identical ps3 launch they'd be in major troubs and I'd have to buy a Wii-U first instead when all I want it for is Bayonetta 2, urgh. But it's the exact opposite and the PS4 seems to be the most sort after console this holiday season. Pretty awesome turn around. The 'yet' addresses the unforeseen future where the PS5 is myth.

MasterCornholio1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

More like "uh oh" for you because your a huge fan of the console thats having the most problems right now.

In other words, you lose gamers win.

OT: I really like Sonys new direction but i really wish that they would give a little bit more support to the Vita. I love the idea of being able to remote play PS4 games with it but it should have plenty of exclusives that take advantage of that wonderful touch screent that it has.

freezola751729d ago

Pious Pope Kazuo Harai! Visionary!

"Who got it? This guy"

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The story is too old to be commented.