MSI Unleashes The GeForce GTX 780 LIGHTNING Graphics Card – Faster Than The Titan At $749 US

MSI has officially released the much awaited GeForce GTX 780 Lighting graphics card featuring one of the most powerful and impressive design ever built for a graphics card. The GeForce GTX 780 Lightning is equipped with the same DNA as MSI’s OC products featuring Military Class IV components and the Lightning exclusive Triple-Force architecture.

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xtremexx1911d ago

aaaaand into my amazon wishlist you go.

kabala1911d ago

This is right on time cause I'm building me a gaming rig as we speak!

Feralkitsune1911d ago

These cards are such a waste of money. I could SLi my 660ti and outperform the fuck out of a titan, and not nearly the same cost.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

I'd bet they're about exactly even. But, a single card solution is ALWAYS better. At higher resolutions your vram will choke on newer and newer games. You can always add a 2nd 780 down the line. This is for enthusiasts.

Feralkitsune1911d ago

$600 for 2 660ti "

vs Titan

660ti's in SLi perform much better, and if you're a normal gamer who prefers actually playing games to just bragging about how much disposable income you have, you'd do better to Sli less expensive cards rather than buy a expensive single GPU, which would still have to be SLi'd to be stronger. Which would bring you to around $2000 just for GPUs.

This new card is more reasonable since it isn't much more than a 660ti SLi combo.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1911d ago

No they do not "perform much better"

I have seen the benchmarks and the 780 is about dead even on it's FIRST drivers, they always improve. 1 card is ALWAYS better, but I see the value in SLI, I have 560Ti's SLI'ed.

Difference? I spent $500 and could have just bought a 570 and have 2 570's now, or 2 580's. Instead i have to buy all new cards because I can't expand anymore.

KING851911d ago

I have 680 SLI, but I think the reason people go for cards such as titans is because of stuttering which many users can experience.

Fatmanp1911d ago

Yep. My GTX 295 is still a monster on paper but in reality the awfulness of Sli means I have a GTX 260.

Nocando1911d ago

Yeah, that is over half of what I spent on my rig.

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