'Rayman Legends' delayed on Vita until September 13 in UK

Rayman Legends has been delayed on Vita.

Originally scheduled for release this Friday (August 30), the handheld version will be delayed by two weeks until September 13.

"The release of Rayman Legends on PS Vita has been delayed in the UK to September 13 in order to apply the final level of polish gamers expect from a Rayman game," an Ubisoft spokesperson told Digital Spy.

"With unique touchpad controls, five bonus maps and two bonus costumes, we're certain that Rayman fans will be fully satisfied. All other platforms will release in the UK on August 30."

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CocoWolfie1937d ago

thats mah birthbday! disappointing but hopefully other places get it this week for the vita, heard people are looking forward to it :)

extermin8or1937d ago

Why would the UK be the only area not getting it on time of the reason is for them to polish the game some more... the reasons total BS the games gone gold its being put onto game carts and discs... there is no more development going on -_- wish they'd just tell the damn truth instead of clearly lying.

sherimae24131937d ago

and the NA release is not delayed? hmmmm
oh well atleast its not delayed by 7 months or so ^_^

matgrowcott1937d ago

"Why would the UK be the only area not getting it on time of the reason is for them to polish the game some more..."

Maybe it failed some level of QA in the UK and didn't in other territories? Maybe the regulation bodies have issued a complaint about something that needs to be edited out? Perhaps there's something about UK Vitas/firmware that are incompatible with something that wasn't necessarily tested on every Vita going.

There are a million reasons it might be delayed in the UK and not elsewhere that would require a patch.

extermin8or1936d ago

Yeah a patch... they don't usually delay games two weeks to issue a patch, they imply in their statement these final touches will be on the card at purchase...

matgrowcott1936d ago


First of all, no they don't. They say they want to apply a final layer of polish, that implies nothing.

Second of all, so what? How does that change anything I said?

GdaTyler1937d ago

About two weeks? Not that bad of a wait. It could be worse...

PrimeGrime1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Well at least it isn't Dragons Crown eh.. I have people messaging me on my Vita all the time asking me how I playing the game lol.

Cause its been out in the U.S. It Doesn't come out until October in Europe and Australia. Seems like they are getting a lot of delayed games lately, something must be up.