EA's Rotational Releases Will Take on Call of Duty, Year After Year.

For 2014, EA has decided to ditch the failing Medal of Honor franchise and pick up the console-war-tipping Titanfall, the much-loved Star Wars: Battlefront franchise and of course, Battlefield. These three titles will share a rotational yearly release cycle to rival the annual Call of Duty releases.

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xYLeinen1933d ago

Well at least they got different IP's in rotation, not different CoD's every year.. Looking at the positive side of course..

Yodagamer1933d ago

Hopefully Dice LA (aka the medal of honor team) finally makes a good game, they used to make excellent games as ea la, but they've had issues lately.

PlayStation_41933d ago

Wait, does this mean that we'll see a Battlefield and Battlefront every 3 years from now on?

HaMM4R1933d ago

I hope so. As far as I'm concerned 2 years isn't enough for a battlefield title. Hopefully with the extra year they'll be able to get in more content. So rather than having 10 maps at launch and 20 DLC hopefully it will be the other way around.

If not then we know all they are doing is looking for more money rather than building on the game.

I hope battlefront doesn't turn into the new battlefield. Loads of paid DLC and such. I want the classic battlefront experience. All maps included at launch. I don't want to have to play £12 just to play classic maps like hoth, mos eisley and rhen var.

Hicken1933d ago

I'm cool with Battlefield and Battlefront, but TitanFall's already got no singleplayer... is there enough "story" to do multiple releases?

I guess it might be okay, since it's every third year.

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Revolver_X_1933d ago

So to combat COD every year which is multiplatform every year, EA will do Battlefield 4 (multiplatform), Titanfall (X1 Exclusive?), SW Battlefront (multiplatform)? Sounds to me X1 exclusive for Titanfall has been confirmed as a timed exclusive. You cant say an exclusive can compete with a multiplatform, in sales anyways. I didnt read the article, admittedly, but if EA said this, then I stand by my opinion.

PlayStation_41933d ago

Titanfall isn't exclusive, is on PC and 360

Brix901933d ago

Titanfall won't beat COD in sales till it releases on all platforms.

Mikeyy1933d ago

Well that settles that, looks like titanfall is coming to ps4 guaranteed.

Tapani1933d ago

So we get three games and at least three sequels. Within seven years a new system will be launched and new IPs will come out and yet another rotation begins..?

I see this as a compromise of the suits and developers. Not a bad deal, but not ideal either.

Three years to develop an AAA title sounds reasonable. Can't rush inspiration, but maybe these games lack of it as default :P