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Need For Speed Underground 3: If it can sell 15m copies, we'd make that game, says Ghost

Take a look at any official video of Need For Speed Rivals and one of the first comments you'll see will likely be from a fan demanding a sequel to Need For Speed: Underground.

It's a request Ghost Games head Marcus Nilsson is all too aware of – and though the studio isn't actively working on an Underground title right now, it's something he suggests the developer could act upon if the game was guaranteed to sell. (Need for Speed Underground, Need For Speed: Rivals, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

TrevorPhillips  +   633d ago | Well said
Make it, make it, make it!
vishmarx  +   633d ago | Well said
underground 2 .best nfs game.PERIOD
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generalthadeape  +   633d ago
Most Wanted was pretty damn good, too!
BlueBlood17  +   633d ago
I've been begging for this since Carbon came out!

PLEASE MAKE IT, I'll buy 15 million copies myself if you guys do it!

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josephayal  +   633d ago
gimme, gimme, gimme!
TheFamous1  +   633d ago
I think the time for an Underground NFS game is gone.. our culture is a lot different. Back then we were all excited about the new Fast and Furious movies and cars tricked out by custom auto shops (DUB & West Coast Customs). But, nobody puts neon lights or spinners on their cars anymore - it was a fad and I think our culture has moved on. What we want is nostalgic and I don't think it is as simple as making an Underground 3.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   633d ago
Make it true to the original games and it will sell, but nowhere near 15 million copies.
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Redspeed93  +   633d ago
I'll buy the first 14 million!
slimeybrainboy  +   633d ago
Exactly it couldnt just be a reskinned Most Wanted. It would have to be new gameplay, new customisation, keep autolog but go back to the roots of what made underground great.

How could they act like Underground wont sell? Even i9f it was bad the name alone would carry it through, instead we get the boring cops and robbers fantasy 800x
PlayStation_4  +   633d ago
NFS was actually an incredibly huge franchise back in the PS2 days, it could have pulled those numbers back then
Lukas_Japonicus  +   633d ago
Collectively yeah. Not each game though.
PlayStation_4  +   633d ago
Underground sold ~12m, NFS was a beast back then
hobohunterz  +   633d ago
The thing is they say they want it to be to sell well but I cant see how it wouldn't sell better then not so great nfs games like undercover and pro streets
Kayant  +   633d ago
make it happen and while you at it put in some Most wanted(Original) elements as well.... Police with spike stirps, Helicopters, Building breakers... At least they remember customisation is what NFS is all about so maybe there's some hope after all but NFS:Rivals is not that. We want full car customisation not just colours, good drifting, cars we have unlock/price not having all being available to find, unnecessary and over emphasised crash scenes.
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ZodTheRipper  +   633d ago
NFS died long ago, keep it. There are many better racing games out there.
dcj0524  +   633d ago
Hot pursuit (2010) is really fun.
Dark_Vendetta  +   633d ago
I just tried (the new) Most Wanted (ps+ offering) and the game is actually really good. Give it a try if you can
ZodTheRipper  +   633d ago
I did. Deleted it 2 days later, felt like I've played it before.
Drakesfortune  +   633d ago

I Also got it onplus then deleted it....it felt like such a chore to play and to progress
BlueBlood17  +   633d ago
Why the disagrees for dcj? Hot pursuit has been the best one since Most Wanted (the PS2 one)!
ecstaticpunk  +   633d ago
It would have been acceptable years ago but generally the whole idea of modding cars nowadays isn't as widely regarded as it once was a huge example of this was the closure of one of the biggest tuning magazines "Max Power" in the UK which saw its subscriptions as well as interest drop in it entirely. They've got the right idea with Rivals and the Most Wanted series as these games contain cars that people want to use and can only dream of driving, the whole tuning fad came into the game because of Fast and the Furious and even they have swayed away from that whole idea and moved on.
beepbopadoobop  +   633d ago
Modding cars is still huge! There is an insane amount of car shows on all year, max power often involved crappy chav spec cars which more and more people realised looked awful, now its all about the japanese import and euro market.

I would love another underground game made up to date with modern times, more cars and more tuning options on next gen systems would be epic! I love racing around in lambos etc but theres something nice about flying around in an every day car with a rediculously tuned engine.
ecstaticpunk  +   633d ago
If they focus on current tuning trends then I'd be happy the shit that was being churned out years ago and yes your right in Max Power was awful, I don't mind anything current but I'd like the focus be more on the tuning element of the engines I mean love swapping engines in Forza and would like to see someone take the idea and expand on it, theres an unofficial mod on Forza for example where you can put in a Veyron engine into a Smart I know it sounds ridiculous but its the idea of experimenting that I'd like to see in a future Underground game as well as the whole social vybe and atmosphere that comes with street racing, NFS got to a point of focusing on aesthetics that looked ridiculously awful and nonsensical storylines.
RavageX  +   633d ago
How would having modding/customization capabilities in the game hurt it?

Most Wanted(the recent one) was a piss poor comparison of the original. It was basically Burnout with a different skin.

moodgamer  +   633d ago
ooquis  +   633d ago
greedy buggers.15mil is just a nice way off saying never will it happen...sorry guys
Arrrriibaa  +   633d ago
Did you even read the article? omg
ooquis  +   633d ago
NO mhe didnint .....me no underead inglish.
PS4OUR  +   633d ago
Forza Horizon says hi. There is still an audience for this type of racing game.
Mikefizzled  +   633d ago
Riders on the storm.
jcnba28  +   633d ago
Get low!
JunioRS101  +   633d ago
I'd buy NFS Underground.

All these new titles like "Rivals" just don't jive with me. Idk, I guess I'm not a true NFS-er
Agent_hitman  +   633d ago
This game was my favorite.. Please make another NFS: Underground
Sgt_Slaughter  +   633d ago
I still think Hot Pursuit 2 is the best one, but Underground was fun, so if they can capture the old magic that those 2 games had, I'll buy it.
csreynolds  +   633d ago
I'd love to see a third NFS Underground game, but there's no way on Earth it'd sell 15 million copies. Sure, it would sell, but 15 million copies? No. The outstanding Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec is only now approaching 15 million global sales, and it's 12 years old...
BlaqMagiq24  +   633d ago
The last NFS game I bought was Most Wanted. No not the new one. The 2005 one. The new ones don't really interest me. They kinda hav that Burnout feel to me and not the true NFS flair like back in the day. That's why I want Underground 3 to feel like the first two if it ever happens.
Forum_Pirate  +   633d ago
"I think customisation is a core pillar of the series."

Really? because the origional point and feel of the need for speed games was 100k+ forigen super cars on open winding roads in the country, not modding cars and racing city streets. While hot pursuit (2010) has a very burnout feel, it goes back to what made the series great in the first place, and if was a fantactic game. In my opinion, the series went to hell in underground and only briefly flared to life in 2010.
Yes because in ps1 they did not have the power to add customization , thats why we saw it first on ps2 with underround series and i thing that a true nfs doesnt need supercars to be fun , it just needs more street cars like in underground 2 and extremely detailed tuning and deep customization.
RavageX  +   633d ago
Hot Pursuit was close but still quite wrong. Where were the jumps?

I was excited for the game only to be disappointed in the end. It had the name, but something(other than jumps) was still missing.

As far as I'm concerned the series went to rubbish with Carbon, had a brief(weak)blip with HP, and flat-lined with Burnout...I mean Most Wanted.
ApoK  +   633d ago
Petition time?
Maybe yes! :)
Iceman_Nightmare  +   633d ago
Iceman_Nightmare  +   633d ago
afterwards put it on twitter, youtube nfs videos for people to sign it. This will definitely help our dream come true, we need underground 3!
Iceman_Nightmare  +   633d ago
About damn time! And make it like the original series. Don't put Burnout gameplay and weird stuff. We need tuners, and customization back! and not to mention open world with cops.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   633d ago
If it can sell 15m copies? LOL ok , first u have to make the game that good , and not worry if it will sell.
shadowmist13  +   633d ago
Need for speed started sucking after carbon and just got worse,im not a racing game fan but nfs underground 2,mw original and carbon was epic,rhe new most wanted sucks,driving up to a car to choose it sucks,I want to start small again and work my way up and have so much customisations available.
Matt666  +   633d ago
If it's as good or better then Need for Speed Underground1/2 then it would be worth it
cunnilumpkin  +   633d ago
lol....15 m copies??

get real

underground 1 only sold 1.4 mil
AceBlazer13  +   626d ago
Or you could forget underground and just do most wanted 2.Give me the chance to conquer the blacklist once more.
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