NAG confirms PS4 presence at rAge 2013 (South Africa)

Jonathan Bester from ITF Gaming writes: If you’ve been aching to get your hands on Sony’s new powerhouse, the PS4, you’re in luck.

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ooquis1761d ago

OK now it's official,i'm going to rage this year!!!!!

GameCents1761d ago

My ook! Ek gaan een te steel ha ha ha ha!
(Me too! I'm going to steal one ha ha ha ha!)

sinncross1761d ago

lol didnt realise there were other south africans on here haha.

enjoy guys. Im hoping to gets a hands on at TGS.

ITFGaming1761d ago

We are all over the place hahahaha! We actually have a massive gaming community, which is epic!

ooquis1761d ago

Hahahah same here. I wonder if you can take your ps3 and a pc monitor instead of pc and game against other consoles?coz my pc isn't fit to handle any game properly now days!

FortKnight1761d ago

There really are a lot of us. And there are a surprising number of good South African gaming sites.

nosferatuzodd1761d ago

lol nice even though im not south african

xtremexx1761d ago

lol, spread the PS4 love to all the conventions and expos .etc

LordNikon1761d ago

Awesome. Hopefully i'll be able to be there.

5eriously1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Viva South Africa. I maybe will visit rage this year time allowing. Cannot wait for the PS4 launch.

Thevariance1761d ago

Here's to wishing 6 December comes really fast and the month from 6 December to 6 January goes really slow.

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