Are we growing tired of the current-gen consoles?

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: During the course of last night, I decided to get in some much needed alone time with my console. However, after around 30 minutes, I felt the need to switch off and watch a few trailers for next-gen titles instead. This brought to mind a rather interesting question: Are we growing tired of the current-gen consoles – The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3?

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ShugaCane1937d ago

Being excited for the Next-Gen doesn't mean we're getting tired of the current-gen. At least in my opinion. It's a normal and natural reaction, we all want to see what step gaming is going to take next. It's always the same scenario. But I still have a lot of fun with the current gen. Games like TLOU as you said, or GTA V to come, Puppeteer, Beyond Two Souls etc.. And quite frankly, I still often play games from last gen as well. PS2 games (MGS 3, Dark Chronicle, Ratchet games), GC games (Metroid Prime). BUT also last last gen. To sum up, my personal answer to your question is No.

TimeSkipLuffy1937d ago

I still have hundred of games to play for current gen XD

negative1937d ago

Same here. Won't be done with the current gen for a while, even with two new shiny next gen consoles.

miyamoto1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )


Not getting tired at all

In fact PS3 is just on a whole new level of longevity

I am playing back to back The Last of Us, Dragon's Crown, ICO HD and Shadow of the Colossus HD.

and there is Beyond Two Souls, The Witch and A Hundred Knight, Puppeteer, J-Stars, Jojo Bizarre, SRW OG Infinite Battle, and many more.

iamnsuperman1937d ago

Forget current gen. I am getting tired of the next gen build up. Once they are out there would be roughly 4 times of the years which would be exciting: E3, Gamescom, TGS and VGAs. At the moment something new seems to happen every day. It is hard to keep up

AIndoria1937d ago

I'm afraid this is very, very true. I used to keep up with everything, now I knew a day before saints row 4 was about to be released that it's going to release. My reaction: "Wait...oh, wtf?"

GarrusVakarian1937d ago

Ive been ready for next gen for around 2 years now, but i still have GTAV and Beyond 2 Souls pre ordered for PS3 and still play Bas Company 2 on the 360 so i wouldn't say im tired of them, just that next gen is welcome, lol.

christian hour1937d ago

Yup, I'd convinced myself in 2005 we were getting our new consoles in 2010... Cos ya know, previous gens have had a 5 year life cycle on average.

2009 I got so excited, could not wait for e3 2010... I've felt empty every since then.

Since 2010 my hearts been yearning yearly for every E3 to finally give us our new consoles.

Thankfully Sony have been good to us with exclusives since then, it's the only thing that kept me going.

Personally, I'd liek to say the same for Microsoft, but xbox 360 let me down with its severe lack of unique or interesting titles since 2009-10. It was just sequel after sequel of FPS/racing/TPS, my needs as a gamer are more diverse than that I'm afraid.

I've waited long enough, just give me my damn ps4... and microsoft, sort your console out so I can play your exclusives, you're on very thin ice mister :P

Nintendo, you're too cute to say anything bad about.

RexFury1937d ago

I am still content playing my PS2, let alone current-gen consoles.

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