Microsoft Denies Rumored Cuts to Xbox One Unit Numbers

PCmag: Microsoft has reportedly cut the number of Xbox One game consoles it expects to ship in 2013 from 7 million units to 6.2 million units due to some supposed issues with component yield rates, but the software giant called the rumor "innacurate."

"That report is incorrect. We have not lowered shipping volumes, and are actually seeing better than expected yields from our silicon," Albert Penello, a Microsoft senior director of product management and planning, said in a statement sent to PCMag.

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n4rc1934d ago

Microsoft is opening the flood gates now.. Excited for pax.

iamnsuperman1934d ago

One thing they need to do is start crushing these rumours especially before launch. They also need to come out with bigger news to distract people away from these rumours (this is like a Presidential race and bad news is quickly followed up by a PR stunt). For example a release date a PAX should distract people for sometime.

soljah1934d ago

the fact that ms has not announced a release date is all anyone needs to know. all is not well in redmond concerning the new xbox

gamertk4211934d ago

...or they wanted to announce it on their home turf at Pax Prime AFTER Sony locked in their date.

thetruthx11934d ago

I believe Microsoft over the negative fanboy analyst

There's no way they'd risk another rrod and lose billions

The One has the ability to prevent any overheating

You don't go and update your graphics driver and increase your gpu clock speed if there are yield issues


first1NFANTRY1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

obviously you don't know how M$ works. release a broken product and patch it later. that's not gonna fly this time around so they'd better get it right from the start

Anon19741934d ago

Yes, that crafty reporter Xie Yi Xuan of the China Economic Daily is clearly just a negative fanboy. Who could forget their recent, controversial articles?

"TSMC 28 nm leading opponent"

"Analysts believe Pei Lin Taiwan stock will start to rebound"

"Taiwanese stocks have an opportunity to stabilize"

Can you believe these fanboy articles? Clearly economic reporter Xie Yi Xuan is just trolling for hits. The China Economic Daily is bad for that in general. Always completely fabricating specific manufacturing issues affecting plants in their country, just for hits!

Anon19741934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Well there you have it. It was all just an inaccurate rumor dreamed up by Asian economic newspapers with nothing better to do but fabricate stories about production issues affecting multiple Chinese and Taiwanese factories. Nice of MS to respond at all really. Their policy is usually not to respond to rumors. Those crazy nuts at the China Economic Daily! Always making up oddly specific stories about things like manufacturing issues affecting plants in their country. Wacky!


now THAT my friend....was funny!

forcefullpower1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I think the PS Fanboys are taking over the world. They are now in magazines in other countries writing stories that can effect share prices of companies. /s

Very funny darkride

gaelic_laoch1934d ago

Everytime M$ denies something it always ends up worse!

NeutralXP1934d ago

I support Microsoft 200% and know that these articles are submitted by a Ps Fanboy

thereapersson1934d ago

Actually, your comments are ad-hominem, since No Limit's recent comment history does not indicate a fierce Pro-Sony bias.

Reported for a personal attack.

n4rc1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

What personal attack?

That's it.. Let's just censor anyone that doesn't share my view..

People act like fanboys.. They get called fanboys... Its not an attack, its pointing out the obvious..

Now grow up...

Edit.. It is funny that the article was submitted my a pro-ms poster and gets labeled a Sony fanboy... My point is calling someone a fanboy isn't a personal attack and people need to get over this over sensitive attitude.. Its the internet..

Ripsta7th1934d ago

You jumped the gun to quick on this one, previous comments above were all agreeing and no one was acting like a fanboy

MasterCornholio1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Its not my fault that all Xbox fans are extremely paranoid and blame everything on "Sony fanboys" instead of blaming themselves and Microsoft.

Just deal with it all firms make mistakes even Microsoft. Just an example remember Apple and their perfect products? Remember antenna gate and Apple maps?

Motorola RAZR i

gaelic_laoch1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


Major Personal Attack against No_Limit! He would be spinning on his arse if he knew he was called a SONY Fanboy!

Either that or he got Frapped or is Trolling himself ROFL!!!!

n4rc1934d ago

Dude is generalizing... Assuming negative comments are a result of he poster..

There has been a bunch of articles posted by the fanboys fanning the flames.. This isn't one of them tho.. Lol

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robleroy1934d ago

I thought Microsoft never responded to rumors...

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