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GreatGamePlay1566d ago

Square Enix could make "let's Play" videos, to get money to buy more servers. lol.

Smurf11566d ago

Haha, but I think they have enough money.

Wizziokid1566d ago

Looks like they underestimated the demand at launch, not a bad thing really.

I think GW2 did the same thing, every mmo has issues at launch it's not uncommon.

anyway 15 minutes until I can play again

Shad0wRunner1566d ago

Digital Sales....

So wait, if I buy the disc based version...will I still be able to login with my phase 4 beta character data and play? o_O

Wizziokid1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Don't see why not? Also the Beta phase 4 character do transfer over to launch

Shad0wRunner1566d ago

Whew! Okay, thanks.

Bout had a heart attack, for a second. LOL. I get paid this coming Tuesday and if anything happens to where I cant play after I buy the game, Im gonna be SO pissed. >_<

Nevers1566d ago

I believe you can. As far as I understood the Phase 4 Beta characters cross over.

AlexanderNevermind1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Good luck logging in. I got in yesterday around 7am and stayed logged in all day until I crashed around 10 pm last night. I got up to do the same today (yeah I'm one of those bastards), but the worlds are already full and I have to get to work today so I'm crap out of luck it seems.

They really need to reboot servers every 6 hrs or so to allow for those who are logged in but are away to be booted from thee system. Until then players are going to stay logged in for fear of not being able to get back in.

Shad0wRunner1566d ago

Well, hopefully these server upgrades will do some good. I just hope SE dont take too long with getting it off the ground. They have a massive install base and its very impressive...but if people cant login to play, I can imagine people will start to lose interest and those numbers will slowly go down.

They just need to keep adding more and more servers. Just flood this game with servers. Clearly they dont have enough to meet popular demand.

Roccetarius1566d ago

All they need to do, in order to sort out this problem, is inactivity kicks.

That's all it takes for now. But it probably still needs server upgrades to meet demand.

Ripsta7th1566d ago

Will this game run good on ps3??? I want to get it but not sure

Nevers1566d ago

It's pretty awesome on the ps3 so far. Been playing since Beta phase 3.

Wizziokid1566d ago

I played the beta on PS3 it runs well, the controls are good but it doesn't obliviously run as well as PC since the PS3 is old tech and has little ram etc.

If you can't run it on PC, PS3 is a fine alternative and then the PS4 will probably be PC level