Famitsu review scores (8/28/13)

This week's Famitsu reviews include the first Puppeteer and Killzone: Mercenary scores.

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ShugaCane1604d ago

Puuppeteer 36/40, KZ Merc 34/40. Awesome scores. I was so hyped for those games I was going to get them regardless of reviews anyways. So many games coming on Sony systems, it's getting overwhelming.

sinncross1604d ago

I am not a fan of Famitsu review scores. I feel they overscore games a lot.

That said, I most definitely cannot wait for Puppeteer. After the recent demo they released, I am absolutely blown away by this game. The humour, the voice acting, the game mechanics.. everything feels and sounds so right,

knifefight1604d ago

Yeah their average review score is about 31/40 -- more than 75%.

Japan doesn't really take the magazine seriously, so I don't see why others should.

NukaCola1604d ago

I haven't played any Puppeteer demos yet but from the trailers and previews i have to say this looks to be one of the most thought out and technically brilliant platformers around. Definitely getting this and Rayman.

Also, the KZ Mercs Beta has me addicted. Best thing on Vita by miles and I absolutely loved AC Liberation to death. I can't wait. Adding on GTA V and September is one epic month of awesome games!

GameCents1604d ago

Really? On Sony systems? Plural? As in Vita too? Overwhelming amount of games on Vita? Really?

ZodTheRipper1604d ago

People are still trolling the Vita? Really?

Hicken1604d ago

You must not be planning on being able to comment for very long.

Enough with the trolling.

clearelite1604d ago

Stop you're embarrassing yourself gamecents.

PSjesus1604d ago

My heart stopped a little i thought KZ review for PS4
Mercenarys is awesome playing the beta

LoveOfTheGame1604d ago

Here is my take on KZ multiplayer for vita. It is one of the worst/clunky systems I have ever used, and the controls are just plain bad. But, for a handheld it is pretty good and even with all those flaws, once you can push through the controls and reprogram your hands, it is rather enjoyable and satisfying as a FPS handheld.

Orange1604d ago

Requires a grip accessory for sure. I ordered one after trying to play the KZ demo. It looks gorgeous, but the map is too small.

IMightBeRetarded1603d ago

None of those problems are specific to the KZM beta, so I'm not totally convinced that you've actually played it, or have a vita. I didn't find many problems with the controls besides the acceleration on aiming and a bit of lag, but that may be on my side.

3-4-51604d ago

A good FPS on Vita ? Nice. Vita could be an awesome FPS on the go machine.

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showtimefolks1604d ago

Puuppeteer is a day one

huge fan of KZ so glad its also getting warm reception

Arrrriibaa1604d ago

90/100 Pupeteer

85/100 Killzone

iamnsuperman1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

That is true but there is two point difference between the two scores. So it is unfair to covert it to out of a hundred because making out of a hundred means there are 5 points difference between the two when in reality there is only two

GameCents1604d ago

That's like saying there's only 1 point between 3/5 and 4/5 and it's unfair to say it's 60/100 and 80/100.
Maths is maths.

j-blaze1604d ago

Killzone: Mercenary looks generic from what i saw, the graphics look like ps2, bad textures masked with decent visual effects. great scores for Puuppeteer tho, can't wait for it!

SandWitch1604d ago

Killzone Mercenary is super fun and it looks nice. Not sure what you mean by saying it's generic.

dodo1011604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

It's the best looking vita game out there!

@the disagree.
Name 1 game that looks better than KZ on the vita.
Other games look nice but overall to much jaggies.

Clover9041604d ago

Lol, I got your back dodo :)

The Vita has the greatest multiplayer killer app in Killzone Mercenary. If you don't believe me then it only means you haven't experienced it for yourselves. I've logged more time on the single level beta then I care to admit. The game is just addictively fun, plays brilliantly, and looks gorgeous on the Vita's oled screen.

Salooh1604d ago

Duhh , Mercenary looks much better then killzone .

clearelite1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Some would prefer the aesthetics of LBP, dragons crown, etc. but that would be a personal preference.
Technically KZ is probably the Vita king though for now.

CocoWolfie1604d ago

gotta get one of those ps2's man! :D remember this is a handheld, this is suppose to be compared to a 3ds or any other portable device. considering what it can achieve is great :) plus the mutiplayer is addicting even if it isnt that rich, plus though we've only seen one game mode and one map which ive put like 9 hours into already because i like it.. a lot :)

j-blaze1604d ago

look at this
like i said, bad textures masked with decent visual effects.

@ dodo101

RE: Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3D and Dream Drop Distance all on 3DS

IMightBeRetarded1603d ago

Those images only have noticeable jaggies and sub-par looking textures on the your computer because the image is enlarged. On the vita's screen it looks absolutely stunning. If you actually had a vita you wouldn't be trying so hard to bash this game.

Blastoise1604d ago

Oh J-blaze you see what you want to see lol

The rest of us see one of the most graphically impressive handheld games ever made, with damn good gameplay too.

DoesUs1604d ago

I think the comment from Mr Blaze can be discounted given his chequered history towards anything Sony related.

dcj05241604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Name a portable game that looks better graphically. And you should download the beta first. It's definitely not "generic". It's rather fun. Do you not watch Kids Shows? Don't knock it till you try it!

GdaTyler1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

-__- No, I'm not trying to start anything. j-blaze was a troll.

clearelite1604d ago

As long as you acknowledge that is your opinion j-blaze and it seems to be in the minority. Personally I'm looking forward to both of the games you mentioned.

GdaTyler1604d ago


It's hard to take you seriously with you having only two bubbles... You're just a troll. Stop trolling please.

dcj05241603d ago


MadMax1603d ago

Are u kidding me? Resistance on the Vita maybe looks like a PS2 game. Killzone on the Vita is the best looking game yet! It looks just incredible and is definately PS3 quality! Graphics are amazing!

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Ripsta7th1604d ago

How the hell did puppeteer get a higher score then KZM

r211604d ago

Who cares, they both scored great! Great games are coming to PS consoles!

ZodTheRipper1604d ago

Maybe it's a better game?

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