Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Modes Announced

Dice have set their sites on taking over as top dog in multiplayer with 2 new game modes.

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GarrusVakarian1934d ago

Good ol' rush mode. Though i always thought BF3's maps were more suited to conquest and Bad Company 2 was more suited to rush. I hope BF4 has some good rush maps.

lfPetrini1934d ago

I also have this impression.

cyclindk1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Hmmm, yes now as I recall the maps in BC2 were generally more dense and required more "situational awareness" due to the constricted areas, multiple routes and such...

I can remember now blowing little doors through walls of houses and buildings like a personal little mouse tunnel one after another hopping through them then a few through the roof tops :)

Good times... so weird that I didn't even notice such a drastic change.

3-4-51934d ago

After buying the B2K map pack I'm realizing just how bad BF3's maps are, outside of maybe Kharg Islands, which is well designed.

-Foxtrot1934d ago

I'm surprised they haven't done this yet, people have been asking for dinosaurs for ages now.

COD - Zombies

Battlefield - Dinosaurs

Imagine a T-Rex hunting you destroying the map in it's rampage.

BlueBlood171934d ago

Haha I was joking though! What's with the disagrees, what I said was meant to be like a spin on 'needs more dragons and sh*t'!

Let's face it though, it would be strangely amazing.

*BTW, zombies weren't original, but they were incredibly fun the first time - not so much after that.

spaceg0st1934d ago

i'm stoked for the defuse mode. Love me some counterstrike of old, especially in the BF universe. Stellar gun play and immersive maps.

LonDonE1934d ago

AGREED, i love search and destroy in cod also, so having a game mode in BF4 which has no re-spawns, no vehicles, and pure infantry gun on gun combat will be awesome!! tdm in BF3 was terrible because of the spawn points, i hope they have fixed them in BF4, either way a bf4 search and destroy mode with no re-spawning WILL BE EEEEPPPPIIICCCC!!!! LOL