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Very few games come close to the madness and unique vibe that the One Piece series offers. And it’s that madness that appeals to the series’ fans. Thankfully, the fans will find the sequel to last year’s One Piece Pirate Warriors as crazy and spectacular as ever. Although, if you’re not a fan, it may be best to miss this!

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Plambey1732d ago

its definitely one of the quirkier titles out there!

TheTrollSlayer1732d ago

I have never seen the show so I doubt I would like this!

maximus19851732d ago

You won't, knowing the characters is key to the enjoyment. You'll just be confused as to why or what's going on but if you get time definitely watch the show it grows on you. Took me a while but now I love these characters zoro, sanji, usop, robin, chopper, luffy, I love them

Varzoth1732d ago

Hm, does this mean the game is out or will be out any day now? All I know is I must have it now.

Varzoth1732d ago

September 3, huh? Well at least that's coming up quickly.