What Drives You To Pre-order?

PSXE: Many extra goodies are offered to coax pre-orders out of gamers this generation, but we want to know what drives you to "make it so" well before release.

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ZBlacktt1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

For myself, I do research before the game is even close to coming out. The pre order perks are often nice. But what draws me in in the first place is the overall depth and innovation of the game. This if I'm not a fan of the series to begin with. Like MGS4 was a no brainier pre order. But I also pre ordered Red Dead Redemption. That was a truly deep open world game ( I'm a sucker for good open world games ). Then looking at the new AC4 BF. Again a total revamp from anything Ubisoft has done before in the series. So incredibility deep in graphics, story line, open world. So it really all comes down to is it worth it.

n4rc1933d ago

For games? If I'm buying them anyways, I'll take some freebies..

For consoles themselves... Availability.