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Submitted by Lavalamp 896d ago | interview

Sony Jim Ryan interview – ‘Giving away stuff on day one… it’s kind of odd’

GameCentral talks with Sony’s European boss about having enough PS4s to go around, countering Microsoft’s FIFA 14 deal, and The Last Guardian. (FIFA 14, Jim Ryan, Microsoft, PS4, The Last Guardian)

user7402931  +   896d ago
i goddamn agree
theWB27  +   896d ago
Sony supporters boast about getting so much free stuff...F2P games...PS+ games...PS3 online multiplayer
(As Godchild1020 stated below)
14 days of plus for free with every new PS4 purchase.

Microsoft gives away Fifa for free....and it's odd.

If you are new to how each camp works..that's it in a nutshell.

It doesn't change anything. Driveclub is a day one F2P can buy the rest if you want. But they are offering free games, day one. It isn't's a stupid way to look at something when you too are doing the same thing.
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FlameHawk  +   896d ago | Well said
Lol do you think everyone is going to get Fifa for free? Only Europe is getting it and it is a limited amount.
You talk about fanboys when you are a Xbox Fanboy? Lol.
And the ONLY reason they are giving Fifa away is they are trying to win over all the people who pre-ordered a PS4 but it isn't going to work because PS4+Fifa 14 is still cheaper.
And don't be mad we get free games.
$60 Xbox Live Gold vs $50 PS+, plus DriveClub, Outlast, Don't Starve, Resogun, Secret Ponchos. Lol Xbox Live is a joke compared to PS+.

And you are complaining about 14 days of plus? I don't see Microsoft giving 14 days of Live.
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HammadTheBeast  +   896d ago
Europe Pre-orders only.

It's not exactly FREE, so to say, it's $440 for the console, and $60 for the game.

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ErcsYou  +   896d ago
Most of Sonys "Free" Stuff is either Sony owned or all ready free on the PC. Also anything received free from PS+ is revoked after the 14 day free trial.( unless you pay for PS+) I think what he was saying is that its odd that MS Paid for Fifa to give it away for free. Deep down we all know why there giving that one away free, to up the preorder count.
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sinncross  +   896d ago

You know what the difference is between FIFA14 w/ X1 and DC with PS+?

Sony owns and developed DriveClub, MS had nothing to do with the development of Fifa.

MS is paying more money to sell launch hardware, whereas Sony are not. Hence why Jim Ryan thinks it is odd: he does not believe that including Fifa14 is going to show a noticeable increase in X1's sold at launch because people are going to buy the new hardware with or without the added game , in his opinion.

So it is not the same thing at all.
theWB27  +   896d ago
Where did I say, or insinuate, everyone received a free copy? No where..I know it's limited to certain amount of preorders.

The only reason...the only what. People are receiving a free copy...who cares about the reason.

"Don't be mad we get free games." Who gives a crap, I have a PS3... had a PS3 this entire gen...along with my 360 and plan on doing the same thing next gen. A PS4 right next to my X1.

Lol at you people and your nananana look what I have statements.

My PSN and gamertags are on my profile. I don't miss out just because I support Xbox.

@sinncross it's the difference on where it comes from. Ok...holy geez free is free is free.
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trafalger  +   896d ago
people keep suggesting fifa was a response to low pre-orders. how would anyone know this? the far more likely scenario is m$ is trying harder to get europe to buy into the xbox. the uk was one of the few areas where they had great success in. these types of deals are months in the planning. it's not like they see pre-orders are low and call up ea the following week and say "hey, let's make a deal" and the following day they announce fifa is free. we knew well in advance ea and m$ were partnering together. way before pre-orders were even being accepted at retailers.

it's the same reason why the ps4 is shipping in the u.s, and canada first and not japan. it's to have a better competitive presence in a market they want to do better in.

i just hope sony doesn't get too cocky again if the ps4 does really well like they did when the ps2 was such a big success. it looks like m$ is starting to see how arrogant they were becoming with the xbone early on.
PSjesus  +   896d ago
PSN+ is a service for 50$ not free and instant game collection are equal renting as you are paying yearly for plus and games aren't yours that's the difference
Sony know what they are talking about.
F2P games are developer opinion and strategy not Sony's one
user7402931  +   896d ago
5/10 attempt
Minato-Namikaze  +   896d ago
Drive club isnt a F2P game, lol
4Sh0w  +   896d ago
Who cares for those who want FIFA they don't care why, they're just happy its free.
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malokevi  +   896d ago

Attempting to lure people who preordered ps4? that's ridiculous. If anything, they're trying to capture the droves of prospective Christmas & boxing week buyers.

Spin, spin, spin...
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bjmartynhak  +   896d ago

PS+ is a service you pay. Considering I only end up getting the games that I wouldn't buy anyway, it seems to be profitable for them.

F2P games are already F2P on PC, Sony is just bringing them to PS4.

They give lots of days of PS+ vouchers for free, including in some 1st party games pre-orders. I became a subscriber because one of these. Hard to go back. They are providing a small taste of their own service.

Driveclub is a "generous-demo", just as Killer Instinct

BUT deciding on giving a full 3rd-party new game in the last weeks before release sounded like a desperate measure.
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Ausbo  +   896d ago

If you pay $60 for xbox live you are freakin retarded. ive never seen it more than $45 on amazon. In fact, ive always seen psn more expensive online.

Oh and those "free games" from psn aren't even yours. Cause they go away if you stop paying for psn.

And just to let you know, if youve tried both xbox live and psn, (like me) than you would realize the overall better service is xbox live.
patsrule316  +   896d ago
@ausbo: I just bought a year of XBLG for $30 last week. Its for my renewal in January, so I'll have live for all of 2014. Probably my last year for now. I'll keep my 360 active alongside a PS4 next gen.

@ theWB27: I don't think the headline is taking in the context of the statement when it says 'giving away stuff...its kind of odd'. He was saying in Sony's position for the PS4 release, it would be odd to give away a game, since they have already filled up their day one pre-order list. He did say that if you felt you needed to entice consumers, it was a reasonable thing to pursue. I think the headline was more sensational than what he was actually trying to say.
ForgottenProphecy  +   896d ago
Only day one European consumers get Fifa. This is called an incentive to get the console day one. F2P games are free for life, so that's an incentive to get the console in general. There is a huge difference between the two. The interviewee actually pointed out that Microsoft probably did this to boost pre-orders in Europe because they weren't doing so well.
The_Con-Sept  +   896d ago
I know there are soccer lovers out there... But I thought that soccor was more of a Mexican thing.... Isn't it?

5eriously  +   896d ago
@WB27. Still waiting for all PS3 articles just to troll. The handout of Fifa14 for free is a consolation for not delivering by M$. These free stuff is just free from Sony to support the Sony supporters, not to try and sell the PS4. That happens naturally all by itself. Sony does not have to backtrack anything to get sales. Sony did not have to fire Cerny and retire off their CEO.

Now think with your brains not with those nuts.
theWB27  +   896d ago
I'm sorry, but where is the father of the Playstation Ken Kutaragi?

Sony CEO Howard Stringer replaced by Kaz Hirai last year.

Sony mobile pres Bert Nordberg replaced by Kunimasa ‘Kuni’ Suzuki around the same time.

Sony's been reshuffling more than a Vegas card dealer...
3-4-5  +   896d ago
@WB27 - Sony isn't giving those away for free day one, those are free ALWAYS.

There is a difference.

Also, what they are giving away, is already being given for free, prior to release on multiple platforms.
5eriously  +   896d ago
Those were not forced moves due to stupid decisions like in this case with M$. Effectivle both were "fired" for the eXBone debacle and pre-order drought. Big diffrence. Now stop trolling with cr@p and BS.
shinrock   896d ago | Off topic | show
sinncross  +   896d ago
I feel like ppl are not bothering to actually read what he said in the interview.

He is asked about whether Sony will try a game deal for launch like MS did with FIFA14. His reply is

`Giving away stuff on day one of a new platform launch, in my mind it’s kind of odd.`

not because free stuff is bad, but because he believes that the launch hardware will sell well with or without the added game.

Basically, he does not see the point in paying more money for a deal that might not necessarily see an increase in hardware sold at *launch*.
edonus   896d ago | Spam
AznGaara  +   896d ago
Yeah it's a comment from the business point of view. Think about it, it's FIFA and Europe, how much money did MS have to throw at EA for that to happen? Honestly why spend money on that when you can use that money to get some indie games... Oh wait, we hate indie games. Lol
humbleopinion  +   896d ago
It was never odd outside the realm of Sony...

After all, the NES was famous for including Super Mario - one of its best games - with every console. Nintendo continued with that tradition up until the WiiU today. Similarly the Atari had pac-man game included, but I'm not sure if it was there from day one. Sega followed suit and even with the Dreamcast I had Sonic Adventures bundled with the console.
Actually, even the X360 also came with Hexic HD bundled with every console with a hard drive.
Majin-vegeta  +   896d ago
Good interview and it's always the Sony people with a since humor.
AznGaara  +   896d ago
Yeah I really liked the interview. Seemed pretty chill. But still... I'm telling you all... Last Gaurdian TGS. Confirmed launch title. They need that last "surprise" lol ... Only in my dreams though. :/
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Jeff257  +   896d ago
I want Kingdom Hearts 2 HD for PS3 announced at TGS. That would go nicely with KH 1.5 coming out this fall. Also Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for Vita or an HD version of that as well. Also maybe give us a better idea of when KH 3 will be coming out.
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Godchild1020  +   896d ago
Aren't they giving away 14 days of plus with every PS4 purchase which also allows those people to play DriveClub and Resogun for free, day one?

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, we all like free stuff or just better deals with our purchases.
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badkolo  +   896d ago
yeah ,how this is bad is beyond me, i remeber the days were consoles came with a game, so when you got home you had something to actually play, times have changed so you can play free demos and such but a free game is a free game
wtopez  +   896d ago
It's really not odd at all.
kenmid  +   896d ago
Sony talks about all their F2P at launch but offering a free retail game is odd..Smh
Hicken  +   896d ago
Well, since you don't normally SELL free to play games, they kinda have to give them away.

FIFA isn't usually given away for free. To make matters worse(relatively speaking), it's not even a Microsoft title. So it likely cost them a pretty penny.

We can look at his comment a number of ways.

1. Sony doesn't really have a reason to give away a free game like FIFA, because they've already got such high demand for their product.

2. Giving away a third party game at your system's launch is a little weird. I don't think it's happened before, or at least not since the PS1 days; most companies bundle first party titles with their consoles. If they don't, it's not a multiplat title, but an exclusive(Final Fantasy and Metal Gear, I believe, did this back in the day).
trywizardo  +   896d ago
yeah because MS have a lot of money so they spent 1 billion for games 17 million for cloud gaming and giving away free X1
and them comes a dumb-ass sonybot and say "M$ don't like consumers M$ is evil M$ don't care about its fans" grow a pair sonybots and face it PS4 and sony SUCKS ...
ABeastNamedTariq  +   896d ago
You still don't have one bubble? Let's change that.

OT: I'm guessing a lot of you didn't read the article and just commented based on the title. He's just saying they don't need to directly compete with MS's FIFA deal. Basically.


Then why don't you bubble down the extremes? I'm certainly not one. How is what I said hilarious? He was blatantly trolling, and it's just sad.

EDIT (again): Ah, ok. Got you.
#7.1 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
theWB27  +   896d ago
"You still don't have one bubble? Let's change that"

Hilarious...the extremes of both sides of the argument make me laugh no matter who they support.

EDIT- Should I clarify...Tariq's reply was funny to the nonsense trywizardo typed. Fuggettit...still funny.
#7.1.1 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(13) | Report
Majin-vegeta  +   896d ago
grow a pair sonybots and face it PS4 and sony SUCKS ...

Sony sucks??Yet they just saved the entire gaming industry from going belly flop.You're @$$ should be thankful for that.The______________________ (Fill in the blank) in some you xbox fans is really outstanding.
Death  +   896d ago
Sony saved the entire gaming industry? If you are saying Sony saved you $5 by keeping the used game market intact, then I agree. If you mean they stopped piracy and used game sales from erroding further into the gaming industry, then I disagree. Sony saved Gsmestop. Sony did nothing for the industry other than stunt it's growth by a few years. Killing the ability to rip my gaming library from retail discs to my HDD to be accessed anytime and anywhere bites.
5eriously  +   896d ago
Soon you as a troll will only have 1 bubble. (wink)

Bubble down for trolling
Rowdius_Maximus  +   896d ago
I don't mind free stuff. It is one of the things that makes PS+ such great value
benzopil  +   896d ago
GC: After the Microsoft event I went to EA’s media briefing, and it was clear the two were working very closely together. EA also seemed very keen on the phrase ‘taking it to the next level’.

JR: The next level?

GC: Yeah, they’re taking all their games to the next level.

JR: What does that mean though?

GC: I have no idea. They just kept saying it.

JR: [laughs]

Lol :D
Narutone66  +   896d ago
The interviewer is a MS supporter based on his tone of questioning:
"GC: Do you worry that you’re falling behind now? You obviously won E3, I think anyone would admit that, but a lot has changed since then. You may have forced these changes on Microsoft but they are clearly working in making the Xbox One more attractive to gamers. So do you worry that there’s now less to distinguish the two consoles and that they’re actually now in danger of overtaking you – because as we discussed last time I think they have the better line-up of games at the moment.

JR: And that’s your opinion.

GC: That’s my opinion, but I don’t think it’s a particularly controversial one. Although I will say there’s still not much in it.

JR: Well, there’s still a hundred euros in it. Or whatever the sterling equivalent is – £80. So there’s still that. Do I worry that we’ve fallen behind…?

GC: I’m not suggesting you’ve done anything wrong. But they have caught up, it must seem that way to you.

JR: They’ve clearly, and I don’t want to impute too much to anybody else’s behaviour – it’s improper – but they obviously concluded that they had made some decisions that they needed to change and they did that. I think that it has resulted in there continuing to be some confusion round exactly what they stand for now. And I think there continues to be no ambiguity about what we stand for.

And yes, they have made a number of decisions which reverse some decisions that they previously made. And they feel they have to add FIFA 14 to their pre-orders, but every metric we look at we’re still doing fine. Whether its purchase intent, whether it’s actual pre-orders…"

No wonder with the flame-bait title of the article.
Jdoki  +   896d ago
I thought the interviewer went easy on him and was a bit of a Sony fan.

The interview they did with Phil Harrison was much more harsh in my opinion - (but MS deserved the line of questioning)
ABeastNamedTariq  +   896d ago
*sigh* You guys don't read articles, do you? And besides, he didn't say bad, or stupid, just...odd. I don't particularly know how it is, but he was just giving his opinion. You guys act like he said "MS SUCKS" or something. Calm down.
Death  +   896d ago
I read the article. He says it's odd to include a free game at launch. He also says Sony won't give back to their customers because there is so much demand for the PS4 they don't have to. If you are cool with that, enjoy your PS4. I'm impressed at all the people that support Sony in their decision to not give them a free game. Way to spin a free game as being bad.
Quicktopick  +   896d ago
Hey bro chill... u nid to chillax a little. And he didnt say its a BAD thing he just said its ODD. mmkay?
badz149  +   896d ago much stupidity in that comment I don't even know where to start a counter argument!

Sony is giving away more stuff than any other company IN THE WORLD from $50 a year while M$ will let you play online and access stuff that are FREE everywhere else for $60 a year! just think about THAT before saying "Sony won't give back to their customers" next time!

and Jim Ryan didn't say it was bad. ODD =/= BAD!
#10.1.2 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Death  +   896d ago
Netflix gives away millions of movies a year for only $8.95 a month!

PS+ is a subscription based service. We give them $50 a year and they give us access to a few games that we can download and play if we like every month. If you don't care for the service and would like to simply play online with your friends, they got you covered too. For $50 a year you access multiplayer games online.
ShwankyShpanky  +   896d ago
"I'm impressed at all the people that support Sony in their decision to not give them a free game."

Um... you know there are at least four F2P games available with PS4 launch?

Do I support the policy of not moneyhatting third parties in an attempt to woo the eight countries that were slashed from the original release schedule? Yup.
JunioRS101  +   896d ago
Almost confirmed... Almost...

This isn't some low level Sony punk, this is the real deal, the real Bambino.

The Last Guardian WILL be at TGS.

Quicktopick  +   896d ago
yeah i kinda got that. I think its 90% gonna be in TGS now
stuff  +   896d ago
I'm sure many here on n4g have already taken the title out of context by not reading the interview. He is not referring to Msoft in anyway with his response.

I feel like the interviewer is trolling with some of his questions and whoever edited this needs some help. I had to read some questions/responses twice. With that said I did find a few things that were new news to me.
Death  +   896d ago
"GC: Are you considering offering a direct equivalent or response to the FIFA 14 deal?

JR: No.

GC: You’re not tempted to go and make a deal with some other game?

JR: Why should we do that? Our problem is gonna be matching supply to demand. It’s perfectly rational when a platform holder, or indeed a publisher, runs a pre-order campaign to engage in promotional behaviour to dial it up if you feel it’s not where you need it to be. That’s a rational thing for any businessman to do. We’re perfectly happy with where our pre-order are.

Our problem… we’ve actually had to turn off the day one pre-orders and now we’re onto day two. So why would we go out and add something? Giving away stuff on day one of a new platform launch, in my mind it’s kind of odd"

You honestly can't see the referance to Xbox One's Fifa deal here?
stuff  +   896d ago
Honestly and objectively, no. His intent in deeming the action of giving away [more] stuff as "odd" is in reference to the circumstance of Sony doing such a thing. It's not meant as a shot at Msoft for doing so.
christrules0041  +   896d ago
That interview gave me a feel that the interviewer is a Microsoft fanboy or Microsoft pro. He kept pushing like the DS4 is horrible. He kept going on about the thumbsticks aren't in the right place. Games look like they could be done on current gen consoles, ect.

He also keeps pushing that Sony is "about to be passed" when Killzone: Shadowfall is the only exclusive to make the top 40 for pre orders in the US. That is Microsofts main market might I add. I mean heck they got Watch Dogs, Killzone: Shadowfall, COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 that have sold 160,000 to 142,000.

For Xbox One there is COD Ghosts at 133,000, Battlefield 4 at 70,000 and then Watch Dogs has 47,00 pre orders.

If you want a look at the US pre orders that went up to August 24th here is a link.
Thatmattkid  +   896d ago
I wouldn't say he was a Microsoft fanboy personally, he's just stating the obvious, something not many other journalists do much nowadays. The Dualshock thumbstick argument is something I've heard quite often now, especially xbox owners thinking about the purchasing a PS3/PS4. At the end of the day you have to listen to their sometimes negative feedback more keenly then the feedback from current Sony fans. There's no point preaching to the choir.

Also, if you go back and read the interview with Phil Harrison, he also seems to give him a hard time with many sony related questions.
#13.1 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
christrules0041  +   896d ago
If the DS4 sucked I'm sure we would have heard it by now. I have only read 1 reporter say it isn't that good but the rest love it. The DS3 got one heck of a time but those people asking about buying a PS4 and worried about the DS4 either had a bad experience with the DS3 or heard that the DS3 was really bad.

But honestly the whole "worried about being passed" thing should be taken into account with pre order numbers and the only ones we got right now are the US ones and more then a million PS4 pre orders.

How can Microsoft "pass" Sony without those numbers.
#13.1.1 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
gamertk421  +   896d ago
Let's face it, if Microsoft offered a cure for cancer, the SDF would still find a way to criticize.
Sci0n  +   896d ago
funny you mention that Sony did a folding at home project with the PS3 and the University Of Standford which used all the PS3's together as a super computer to help with cancer research studies and I bet you still criticised Sony and the PS3.
Death  +   896d ago
Oh man, check my comment history. I absolutely laughed at the whole Sony PS3 Super Computer BS they were pushing back then. Folding was already being done on PC's before this and they were low spec requirements. The only reason Folding was so heavily marketed was due to the fact there was nothing else to do with a PS3 at the time other than watch Blu-rays. All that power and cancer was still not cured.
bratman  +   896d ago
@ Death

The console wars are funny, even when they get kinda heated.. But when you can knock on tens of thousands of people, for letting their ps3's be used to help TRY and better this world..
Oh man i dont even...
5eriously  +   896d ago
Funny comment. Stupidity is rife all over in the world. Sony do not have to find a cure for their product that's having a huge demand but on the contrary M$ had to make a few costly 180' turnarounds and offer a costly game for free in Europe to try and recover from their own self induced preorder "cancer" and trying to reverse their bad rep. Think about that and squirm with disgust at you trolling attempt.
chicagOriginal  +   896d ago
Sony is giving away a "free" version of DriveClub if you have PS+ at launch... seems they give quite freely.
I just received an email letting me give away 5 PS+ codes that work for 30days to friends(check your email!).
That is, in my opinion: nice.
luisvideogames  +   896d ago
[email protected]

If you want to be a pal and give me one of those....
Majin-vegeta  +   896d ago
Bro never put email out like that.Just pm him its a lot safer.quick edit your comment.
Swiggins  +   896d ago
Too late, I've already signed him up for dozens of porn sites!

Hope you like tentacles!

(In case anybody couldn't tell this is an obvious joke.)
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   896d ago
Another misleading title. In context he meant that if PS4's are sold out, what's the point in adding free stuff? They already hit their target, more or less.
0pie  +   896d ago
this enterview is awkward...
the guy who asked question isnt really great.
wishingW3L  +   896d ago
Sony stop sinking to their level!
Dlacy13g  +   896d ago
I think that was one of the better interviews I have read recently.
Thatmattkid  +   896d ago
I agree, very refreshing to read a journalist not be intimidated by asking a hard or potentially argumentative question.
Nik_P757  +   896d ago
It is odd only because it's a third party game by a major publisher. Let's not forget that PS4 has Blacklight, Warframe, Planetside 2, DC universe, War Thunder, Driveclub, Don't Starve, Outlast and Street Ponchos all free on launch day. I myself am very excited about Warframe on consoles.
ibrake4naps  +   896d ago
That interviewer seems to be on the side of MS...
Dlacy13g  +   896d ago
So because he doesn't ask "softball" questions and stroke the ego of the person he is interviewing he is on the side of MS. Maybe just maybe he is doing what all journalists should do which is "ask tough questions" and not ask things like "So you had a great E3 and Gamescom, you must feel good about things right?"...
jujubee88  +   896d ago
MY opinion WIENER!!!!
SpitFireAce85  +   896d ago
Free stuff is always good.When big corps like
Sony and Microsoft fight for your $$$ the gamers
#23 (Edited 896d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
level 360  +   896d ago
I say free stuff for all the stuff-ups their CEO/marketing people/campaign have created is why their giving away FIFA.

christrules0041  +   896d ago
That free Fifa 14 with every Xbox One is just for the European's. That hasn't been announced for anyone else.
caffman  +   896d ago
Why is it strange? Every original 360 came with hexix.
bromtown  +   896d ago
I think he means it's strange because it isn't free day one with the xbox one, it's free with the preorders of the xbox one. So you'll get 2 people in GAME buying their Xbox at the exact same time, and one will have a copy of FIFA and one won't because of a £5 preorder. I'm sure there'll be some problems in game shops from people who thought they'd get FIFA if they bought an Xbox on launch day. If you've already preordered an Xbox why do you need a FIFA flavoured incentive to get an xbox, it should be the other way around, or at least go to preorders and day one purchases.
ibrake4naps  +   894d ago
What happened to consoles always having a game, like mario and sonic??

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