Halo 5 – Will We See The Arbiter Again?

Gi - Halo 5 fans wondering what The Arbiter has been up to since signing a peace treaty with Admiral Hood and returning to Sanghelios (the Elite homeworld) need look no further than the Halo novels. Imagine that after thousands of years of training an alien race for military positions, the system that required those positions collapses leaving the majority of those aliens jobless. Then imagine that as a result of that collapse, most of that race’s labor force, comprised of other alien races, dries up leaving no training manuals behind. So far not good right? Now imagine that these same aliens have been hard-core religious for thousands of years and they just found out their religion is bull. This sums up what has been happening with the Elites since the end of the Covenant war with the humans.

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IlluminatusV1932d ago

Arbiter, that would be wonderful. I liked to play as the covenant.

CalamityCB1932d ago

It would be brilliant but they must bring him in only for story based purposes, not just to appeal to the fans.

lastofgen1932d ago

If they do bring him in, I'd be beyond happy.
Of course, though, he should have a key role, like CalamityCB said.

--Onilink--1932d ago

Read Halo Glasslands and Thursday War if you want a glimpse about what has happened to the Arbiter and the Elites after Halo 3, and why you were fighting them in Halo 4.

There was supposed to be another book to close that trilogy but I dont know what happened with it.

Overall they are not the best Halo books, but they are decent enough to warrant a read if you are interested in Halo history

TotalSynthesisX1932d ago

The last book in the trilogy (Mortal Dictata) was announced a few weeks ago and will be released in January 2014.

--Onilink--1932d ago

nice.. thanks for the heads up

Supermax1932d ago

I think we're missing the picture the next halo will be halo universe a mmo.

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