Inappropriate Censorship: ***man Arkham City

GamesRadar - "Holy inappropriate censorship, Batman!" That's what Robin would undoubtedly say if he saw this. We've added a few censorship bleeps to Batman: Arkham City's bluer-than-a-posh-person's -loo dialogue because it's funny. Perhaps it gives it an unexpectedly sinister undertone, but hey - it's the censorship the game deserves, but not the censorship it needs right now... and so we'll bleep him, because he can **** it. Because he's not a hero. He's a silent ********, a watchful protector... a dark ******.

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GentlemenRUs1610d ago

So many dings...

But yeah, Why? Its a videogame not a movie... Kids should not be playing them then!

mafiahajeri1609d ago

What? I hope you realize this is a joke?

mafiahajeri1609d ago

LMAO!!! That was hilarious!!

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